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Various Artists CD (CD 008)
Napal Med/Czech Republic 2002

  1. Fuck The Facts "Needle Through Thread" (Can)/2. Longdreamdead "Hatebleed" (Jap)/3. Stratsfera "Tractors" (Slo)/4. Praying For Oblivion "Silence Falling on Itself" (USA)/5. Mourmansk 150 "Perfect is My Death" (Fra)/6. Outermost "-.........." (Jap)/7. Sklo "I Love You, Matyas!" (Cze)/8. Guerraeterna "No Title" (P. Rico)/9. Schroth Guenter "Dataspuren" (Ger)/10 Sist EN 343 "19-7ou" (Slo)/11. Mamarracho "Black Out Pt. 2" (Jap)/12. Ton Ton Macoutes "Double Visions" (Cze)/13. Murder By Static "Orion X" (Can)/14. Blacklight Brazille "The Song of Blacklight Brazille" (USA)/15. Neuro "Neurotica (live '97)" (Cze)/16. Degenhart "Golden Zeiten" (Aus)/17. Robert Warner "View Finder" (USA)/18. Pressure "Division of Violence" (Bel)/19. Humberg "Onkyo" (Jap)

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