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Various Artists CD (SPV 084-38312)
Sub Terranean/Germany 1995

  1. Tones On Tail "Performance" (4:10)/2. For Against "Amen Yves" (3:52)/3. Trisomie 21 "The Last Song" (4:26)/4. UV Pop "Serious" (3:46) 12" Version/5. Oto "Anyway" (5:05)/6. Profil "Beruhren" (5:11)/7. Tuxedomoon "Crash!" (4:39) Remix/8. Mark Lane "Sojourn" (6:40) Version/9. Click Click "Stay Out of the Water" (4:01)/10 Second Layer "Courts Or Wars" (3:50)/11. Ensemble Pittoresque "Sleepwalking" (4:17)/12. UV Pop "Sleep Don't Talk" (3:11)/13. The Flowerpot Men "Jo's So Mean To Josephine" (5:38)/14. Im Namen Des Volkes "Ich War Da, Leergebrannt" (4:54)/15. Chris & Cosey "Passion" (4:40)

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