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Mike's Shadowrun Page

  First off, I want to apologize for using Angelfire. No doubt you will suffer pop-up windows from everything from viagra to online gambling. On that note: Hey! At least it's free!

Art by Bradstreet.  So let's get started. This site is dedicated to a few things, but is mainly going to be used as a "posting zone" for our Shadowrun games. I'll include some base information about the history, how to make a character, and so on (without stepping on any copyrights too badly). I haven't messed with this page too much, so I'm not too sure what can be done with Angelfire sites (given past experience, not much). Even so, I'll try to make a website that isn't too much of an eyesore...and stays within my whopping 20mb limit (lots O' text, little bits of pics - provided I can figure out how the hell Angelfire does the whole "pic uploading thing").

  You've been warned.

  For those of you unfamiliar with Shadowrun (heretofore referred to as SR) books, the layout following might be a bit confusing. Here's a brief description of how it works.

  Shadowrun is, of course, set in the future. To "keep the illusion alive," the sourcebooks are supposed to be taking place on the Shadowlands site. An item is posted and the movers and shakers that can fenagle their way onto the site make comments where they feel their information is relavent. Sometimes the "subposts" are useful, provided information that isn't included in the main text. Sometimes they're misleading. Sometimes they're flat-out wrong, racist, stupid, or funny. Take everything with a grain of salt. I'm going to be keeping this format on this webpage. If this freaks you out, I apologize, but you should really broaden your literary horizons.

  So here's a few choices for ya:

  • A Little History...: This is a quick introduction. For those industrious few of you who went out and bought the 3rd Edition SR book, I highly, highly (highly) recommend that you read this history, instead. Third Edition takes place about fifteen years beyond where we are in our campaign, and the history there will only confuse you: a lot happens in those fifteen years.
  • Characters: This area will be broken up into two parts. The first will detail character creation without (hopefully) violating copyrights. The second area will discuss the runners (you guys). Here's where I'll blow all that 20 mb.
  • Musings: This area will be for information purposes. Here's where I'll put hints, info, and red herrings for you guys. The cool thing about Shadowrun is that it's pretty freeform: you can go where you want to and do (pretty much) what you want to. This area will be dedicated to creating hooks (real or not) for you guys.
  • Session Log: This area will be dedicated to what you guys have done. Typically, I'll start it off with a small intro story of someone that witnessed your run or a part of it. Then I'll jump in and give a recap of what you guys pulled off in the last session. Date-stamps will be included because time is pretty important in this game.
  • Links:Who doesn't like links? These are links to sites (or areas within sites) that I feel are particularly relevant. I'll add more as I see necessary and will never send you to a "blind link," one where I won't tell you what's on the other side.

  All right, Angelfire has finally decided to start excepting uploads, so I no longer have to steal images and will be posting my own. Soon. Promise.

  Below is a link to the official WizKids site. Remember that WizKids in no way supports, endorses, or even cares about this site (if they know it exists), and I, in turn, in no way support their desire to turn Shadowrun into an "action figure" game.

The link to the official WizKids site.  WizKids in no way endorses or supports this site.

  Here's the fun stuff: disclaimers, copyrights, etc:

� 2002 WizKids, LLC. Shadowrun is a registered trademark of WizKids, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Yeah, an LLC people: live in fear. My crap is not associated with WizKids and they have not endorsed this site, so it's just a fan site, people; I dig the game, I play the game, I GM the game. The art (if I ever actually post it) is Tim Bradstreet, far and away one of the best artists for any fantasy game. Take faith from him: he's self-taught. Here's a link to his site: Tim's site. Here's the link to the official SR page: SR home page.