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Shadowrun Characters

  This section is split into two parts. The first remarks on character creation and goes into the "meat" of creating a character. Rather than just have a bunch of charts, I'll do my best to explain how to create a character your would like to play. At one point (hopefully in the near future), I'll make a series of questions that will lead down the path to the type of character you are describing. At the end of that path, there will be a sample character of that type. Haven't done it yet, but I'm working out the map for it right now.
  The next section will be on the characters that are currently running. At first, this will simply describe the characters as I see them. Hopefully in the future, the players themselves will put the descriptions in their own words.
  Here are the links:

  • Character Creation: This section is completely dedicated to creating a Shadowrun Character. Each section has a table and a description of what that table implies in relationship to the game and your character.
  • Campaign Runners: These are the runners that are currently running in my campaign. I'm not a total hardass as a GM, but Shadowrun is a brutal game and I fully expect some of these guys to become deceased. If they have been geeked, I'll mark them as so.