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Part 1
J/C; 5k
Everything is going well on a routine trading
mission, until Voyager needs to move out of
transporter and communications range due to a
sudden ion storm. Janeway finds her away team
surrounded, kidnapped, and dropped in the woods
where shots are fired at them from the trees.
And not everyone will make it back to Voyager alive.
WARNING: Contains character death.

Part 1
J/C; 5k
Janeway wants to start a relationship with Chakotay, but
is it too late? What if he has already moved on?

J/C, J/P; 17k
In response to JuPiter Station's Narrative Challenge
#76. What would Tom's reaction be if he thought
Janeway and Chakotay had started a relationship?

Part 1 (12K) Part 2 (5K) Part 3 (7K) Part 4 (16K) Part 5 (11K)
In response to JuPiter Station's Narrative Challenge
#55. What would happen if Janeway was pregnant at
the end of "Threshold"?

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