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Over the years there have been many sci-fi shows and numerous movies. Some of these being far more popular and longer lasting than others. Who can forget the shows put out by the BBC on a shoestring budget, with even cheaper special effects?  even after the shows have been axed, diehard fans relive them with conventions, fan clubs and videos. These shows have been \ are \ will be (lets not get started on temporal mechanics here) an important addition to many sci-fi fans' collections. The following pages contain information on the shows that are my personal favorites.  Along with some links to other good sites.

A Blake's 7 story that takes up where the BBC left off      

Blake's 7 Bloopers              Star Trek Bloopers

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     Star Trek Episode Guide 

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For those that would like to read about  real facts on wormholes, black holes and the like I recommend Stephen Hawking and his site.



whilst Information within this site is compiled by me, it should be noted that I am not making any money from this site and all the shows mentioned within are copyrighted to their respectful owners.