Lycanthropes are people who have the misfortune of turning into an animal during the ‘Three days of the Full Moon’. It is basically a contagious disease that is transmitted through scratches or bites whilst that person is in animal form. The variety of animals differ greatly from rats and snakes to wolves and lions.
In human form, they generally seem to be human, however there is an alien air of difference about them, just sort of a feeling of something not quite right to most people, but to someone who knows what they are looking for it is like a big neon sign proclaiming ‘lycanthrope’. They are faster and stronger than a human, though not quite as quick or strong as a vampire.
In animal form, they are larger than the true creature, such as a werewolf is much larger than a regular wolf, a werelion larger than a normal lion, etc. Despite their creatures not being social animals, lycanthropes generally belong to a larger group of their own kind. Canines have packs, felines have prides, rodents have nests and the rest are generally solitary creatures, their species generally not as common.