Seth Peterson

He was tall and elegantly lanky with a lean frame and pale skin. It was contrasted by short waves of black hair. His face was angular, finely chiselled, with a straight nose, smooth cheeks and lips that were sculpted to hold a cruel, arrogant and seductive curve to them. The thing that really caught oneís attention was his eyes. They were a pale green. Like someone had gone and leeched all but a little colour from his irises.
Seth spends his nights in the service of vampires, not really given a choice as to whether he wishes a career move. You canít help but feel sorry for him a little, being bossed about by night and chained up by a collar by day. But he doesnít complain. He just seems to accept his fate and lives with it as best he can.
"Iím just a big kitty-cat that people seem to like to play with; no matter how bloody the sport."