Jack Swansen

He was in his mid-thirties and wore a cold, unreadable expression. He had reasonably short dark brown hair, equally as dark eyes and he always looked like he needed to shave. The expression he constantly wore had etched lines into his face, making him seem hawkish. Only on the rarest of smiles did those lines soften.
Jack is an Alpha Lion in his pride, the Pride-Master. He is also a homicide detective in Darling Cove. Being a lycanthrope, he can often pick up on a few things his peers do not, and has many contacts within the Dark World societies in the city. Despite keeping his nocturnal habits to himself, he manages to balance the police work and the Pride business effectively.
"Are crucifixes supposed to glow in the presence of vampires? I only mention it because yours is a rather pretty reddish colour, progressing toward a nice shade of orange."