As the name suggests, hunters hunt things. Vampires, lycanthropes, witches, psychics… As long as the creature had broken a law, these people can hunt them down and in most cases kill them. More often than not, hunters specialise in specific areas, such as vampires, as those are the creatures in control of all the others in a given territory. Hunters tend to be human and police the supernatural populace of a territory, filling in where the authorities cannot. You know you’ve made it as a hunter when the things you hunt give you a nickname, eg. Hunter

Tools of the trade

Generally hunters carry some sort of 9mm semiautomatic hand gun, be it Glock, Barretta or Browning. Shotguns are good, though usually they have to be modified and are illegal to carry about, unless it is a 12-gauge that hasn’t been modified. Knives and the traditional stake and hammer are a last resort. The last thing you want is to try and stab a fully functional vampire or lycanthrope. If you do this, chances are you will be going home in a box. Use your head, injure them with the gun first.
For the hand guns, standard ammunition is silver-plated, wood-tipped and blessed. This is your universal kill-all. For the modified shotguns, silver-plated, wood-tipped and blessed stakes are remarkably effective. For your regular shotgun, a mixture of silver and wood shot is used.
In most cities, there is at least one church that is hunter friendly. This is a safe house for any hunter and usually contains a weapons vault. The church is also where the blessings for weapons comes in, as well as for anyone who needs a little faith. But then, a blessed crucifix will only stop a vampire from ripping out your throat for so long.