Cathrin Forbes
The Hunter was a lovely looking woman, very appealing. She was attractively slender, from fitness rather than starvation, long of leg and arm, curvaceous of hips, waist and breasts, the creamy complexion of red-heads, full, almost pouting pink lips sculpted to perfection, high cheeks and those cool blue-grey eyes. Her voice was low and cultured, very articulate. Appearances can be deceiving and she was no exception. Nobody would truly believe that a five foot six, pretty, business-like woman would be one of the most savage and prolific vampire killers in the world. On her left shoulder, there were two small circles, about a half an inch in diameter from a couple of bullets. On her upper arm there was a pair of ragged white lines spaced near enough to an inch apart. There was something similar to that on her forearm. All the way up her arms were the scars from a myriad of cuts and gashes from things ranging from knives to barbed wire. Her right shoulder had a long white scar that followed her collarbone. On her upper arm there were two sets of ragged scars, similar to those on her left arm, and a small circular burn mark left by a car’s cigarette lighter. There were two very small, neat scars on her forearm, on a big vein near her elbow. It looked like she’d been hit by a hole-punch. Again, she had scars from cuts and gashes on her skin. Each and every one of those scars had been earned in small, and some not so small, confrontations with vampires.
Cathrin has amassed an impressive kill record of nearly a hundred vampires, the vast majority of them Overlords. She was once married to a James Forbes, a newspaper journalist, who was killed by being thrown from the balcony of their apartment on the fourteenth floor. She is a writer, a horror novelist, and is never truly at a loss for inspiration. All she has to do is look at her life.
"Now this is how a vampire should be; no arguments, no fights. Just ‘I’m going to kill you now’ and ‘why certainly’ then poof."