Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Reynolds
She was tall, around 5’11", long of arm and leg, pale skin, bobbed black hair and pale blue eyes. Her voice was soft and pleasant, save when she was angry. Unlike other people who rant and rave and shout when angry, Liz’s anger took the form of an icy calm. She remained completely civil and level, only chillingly pleasant, complete with a small, half-smile on her lips, utterly icy and dangerous. There was a burn scar from a brand of the fleur-de-lys upon her upper left arm and five crosses branded into her back; one in the small and middle of her back, one on each shoulder blade and one on the back of her neck.
Liz has no qualms with murder as long as it was a justified killing. She’s one of the few hunters that doesn’t strictly adhere to vampires. She doesn’t scare easy or injure easy for that matter either, because she is the last of the necromancers. She earned the name Mercury through an organisation called the Alchemists, whose symbol is that of the element mercury in alchemy.
"I might be a corrupt low-life, but even I have my standards."