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Star Wars Movies on VCD
October 24, 2000

All VCD is selling VCDs of all the Star Wars films. VCDs can be played on most DVD players but I'm not sure on the quality of the image and sound. I have heard that the quality is better than that of videocassette but not quite as good as DVD.

Anyway, the Trilogy is priced at $25.50 and Episode I is $11.50. Because a VCD hold less information than a DVD, each movie is on two discs.

Here are the links:
Episode 1

Star Wars Trilogy Video Re-release
August 10, 2000
Amazon.Com is advertising that the Classic Trilogy Special Edition will be re-released on video on Novermber 21, 2000.

Good News : For those who buy the whole trilogy there is also a 10-minute featurette on the making of the next film in the series, Episode II, which is scheduled to arrive in theaters in the summer of 2002.

Bad News : No DVD. It seems Lucas may wait until after the Prequels to make the Classic Trilogy DVDs. We'll just have to wait and see.

Hero's Trial hits shelves
August 1, 2000

Click on the image to see the larger cover.

Merciless attacks by an invincible alien force have left the New Republic reeling. Dozens of worlds have succumbed to occupation or annihilation, and even the Jedi Knights have tasted defeat. In these darkest of times, the noble Chewbacca is laid to rest, having died as heroically as he lived--and a grief-stricken Han Solo is left to fit the pieces of his shattered soul back together before he loses everything: friends, family, and faith.

Refusing help from Leia or Luke, Han becomes the loner he once was, seeking to escape the pain of his partner's death in adventure . . . and revenge. When he learns that an old friend from his smuggling days is operating as a mercenary for the enemy, he sets out to expose the traitor. But Han's investigation uncovers an even greater evil: a sinister conspiracy aimed at the very heart of the New Republic's will and ability to fight--the Jedi.

Now Han must face down his inner demons and, with the help of a new and unexpected ally, honor Chewbacca's sacrifice in the only way that matters--by being worthy of it.

Episode I DVD News
July 28, 2000
This comes from E! Online:

I hear there's a very good reason Star Wars fans have been kept waiting for the Episode One DVD. How about literally hundreds of new effects and elements in nearly every frame? And sorry, Jar Jar Binks will not be digitally removed...