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Jedi Training

Learn the ways of the Force to join the Jedi Order and restore peace and justice to the galaxy

Space Rocks - Misson: A respected Jedi Master has been kidnapped! You must track down the bounty hunter Bossk who has taken the Jedi to Gorg the Hutt. First you must succesfully navigate the Korinian Asteroid Belt. Use the powers of the Force to rescue the Jedi Master and bring Bossk to justice.

Maze Game - Misson: You have succesfully navigated the Korinian Asteroid Belt. Now you must work you way through Gorg the Hutt's palace and find the respected Jedi Master.

Real Invaders - Misson: An alien species known as the Yuuzahn Vong have begun an invasion of the galaxy that you have sworn to protect. Eliminate the Vong's biological ships and exterminate the alien threat.

Yar's Revenge - Misson: As your Jedi counterparts fight off the Vong in the Core Worlds, you battle the emeny over the your home planet. Stop the Vong and save your planet. Remember, let the Force flow through you!

Paddle Bricks - Misson: Your Jedi Master has often scolded you for your lack of concentration. This exercise will test your focus on the here and now.

PacMan - Misson: Even Jedi need to have fun. This game comes from a planet in a galaxy far, far away.