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The Force is with these Star Wars Sites!

The Official Star Wars Site. This is the place to go for official news and excusive features.

Bantha Poodoo's first affiliate. A massive website that has anything you need to quench your Star Wars thirst.

Bantha Poodoo's second affiliate. A really well done site with lots of Multimedia and definatley one of the better Star Wars sites out there.

Bantha Poodoo's third affiliate and an excellent site with some great fan fiction, fan art, other great stuff. Check out the stories Legacy of Time, Strength and Jediya Quest.

Bantha Poodoo's fourth affiliate, this site is your ultimate guide to buying Star Wars Merchandise on the Web.
No Ordinary Love is Bantha Poodoo's fifth affiliate. This is a great site for information on Anakin and Amidala and the actors who portray them. Lots of cool pics too.

Formerly Leia's Star Wars Haven, Rebel Haven is Bantha Poodoo's sixth affiliate site. There are lots of cool pictures and sounds at this site. Definately worth a visit.

Jedi Mind Trick is Banth Poodoo's seventh affiliate site. This site has some great graphivs for you use and some pretty funny stuff too. Check it out!

Bantha Poodoo's eighth affiliate, Jedi Gardens is a great up and coming site with lots of cool sections.

Affiliate number nine is Rebel Dream. Tired of searching the net for just a couple good Star Wars stories? Well you can find more than you need at this awesome site.

Bantha Poodoo's tenth affiliate, Padme Skywaker Net is one of the best sources for anything and everthing Padme!

Star Wars Lightsabre is an awesome site that offers many unique sections that are definatley worth checking out. Also check out the Setin Select feature. It's really cool!

Affiliate number twelve, The Korriban Experiment is one of the best sites for Star Wars wallpapers. Also, check out the hillarious non-sense select.

Just The Best - Sienn's Mark Hamill Page is Bantha Poodoo's 13th affiliate site. If your looking for Mark Hamill info and pictures head over to this awesome site.

Anakin and His Angel - Affilate number 14 is a site that focuses on Anakin and Padme. Come and find all the romance and adventure you'll ever need!

The Ultimate Star Wars site. Updates multiple times every day. This site has everything for your Star Wars needs.

Hyperjump to Episode-X
This excellent site has exclusive spy reports from the Star Wars set. Check out the fan art gallery.

This is a very well done page that is dedicated to our favorite Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Please visit my other corner on the web, VoyagerTrek.cjb.Net. Lots of cool stuff like pictures and sound wavs from Star Trek Voyager.

Prequel-Spoilers.Com - This is a nice site with great graphics that also has many rumors and theories. Definately worth a visit

Aldera.Net - Plenty to keep you busy at this great site. Prequel theories, frequently updated news, and more. - This site does a great job of clarifying facts and rumors.

JediTalk.Com - Jedi Talk is the only Star Wars radio show on the web. Every Sunday night they broadcast new and different Star Wars discussions. Call in and chat or just sit back and listen. Often feature interviews with Star Wars authors.

SW Database - Check out the Dark Side Page to see what fans like you are talking about.

TrekWars: The Furry Conflict - Star Trek vs Star Wars with a Furry Twist. This is a really cool site! A must visit for Star Wars and Star Trek fans alike!

Bantha Fodder UK - Check out this funny site for more Poodoo, or Fodder, as the case may be.