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Last Updated on 7/27/2005

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Who's Who in the YvtW Worlds
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Note: All portfolios are of the person or world at the beginning of their respective showings. Changes or updates may apply later in the actual storylines.

YvtW 2.0 Mirror Thread YvtW 3.0
The Ultimates Radioactive Animals Next Generation
Divinity Thread Idaho Planets Modern Gods
Cosmic Rays Cosmic Rays 2.0 Cosmic Rays 3.0
Telephone Book Marvel Universe Periodic Table
Uberninja World The Apocalypse Uberninja World 2.0
Generic Fantasy Somebody Else Anime World

The Original Threads - offsite links

NOTICE: As of May 15, 2004, the forums.comicbookresources.com forums were accidentally purge and all of the following threads were deleted. They no longer exist.

You vs. the World 1.0 - Closed (by: FBH)

You vs. the World 2.0 (by: Manuel)

The Mirror Thread (by: Z-man)

You vs. the World 3.0 (by: Mg_knt)

The Divinity Thread (by: Ghost)

The Movie Thread (by: Chuckg)

The Hogwarts Thread - Repost (was by: Jaffa)

The Create Private World Thread (by: MediaMan)

You vs. The Radioactive Animals (by: Metaphysician)

You vs. The World: The Next Generation (by: Yeoman)

You vs. The Telephone Book (by: Metaphysician)

You vs. Some Cosmic Rays (by: Pellcia)

You vs. The Marvel Universe Super Powers (by: Falcon242)

Crisis on Infinite Threads, and Setup (by: Yeoman)

You vs. The Periodic Table of Elements (by: Metaphysician)

You vs. The Uberninja World (by: FBH)

You vs. The Uberninja World 2.0 (by: Manuel)

Modern Gods Thread (by: Aubergine~!)

You vs. The Apocalypse (by: Perfection)

You vs. Generic Fantasy World #457 (by: Yeoman)

You vs. Somebody Else (by: Mr.Sandman)

You vs. The Anime World (by: FBH)

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