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Order by Poster:

Airshark: Birth and Domesticity

Alias: Metaphysics

Anonymous: Mind

Arzonist: Sympathy and Understanding

Bannerman 1 Million: Not Applicable (Resigned - Generic Diety)

BcAugust: Justice and Information

Brief: Loopholes

Cain of Dreaming: Spontaneity

Carny: Rebellion and Revolution

CheeksTheToyWonder: Silly Walks

ChuckG: Mathematics

Daemon: Time

Darei: Light and Darkness

Darth Vegita: Beginnings and Endings

The Drunkard Kid: Food and Drink

Eddie von Maiden: Heavy Metal

FBH: Not Applicable (Generic Diety)

The Fett: Balance

Ghost: Inspiration

Imperious Rex: Energy

Jaffa: Choice

Jango: Not Applicable (Generic Diety)

Locke: Victory

Lord Darkwolf: Order

Lord of Nothings: Meaning

Manuel: Wisdom

Metaphysician: Science and Technology

Mg_knt: Secrets and Mysteries

mk1234: Miscellaneous (Anything Not Covered By Another)

Morgoth d'Bellatoria: Insanity

Munchking: Violence

N-Chan: Arts

Nobody: Computers

Peter: Chastity

Ramz: Mortal Avatar of The Conclave

The Real Nemo: Innocence (Fallen)

Rune Silverstar: Nature

Saintjon: Hospitality

Mr. Sandman: Not Applicable (Detained, Infernally Aligned God)

Silverdeath: Chaos

Slayven: Stuff That Pisses People Off

Tanith: Fiction

T-1000: The Holy Smackdown

Trickster God: Comedy

The Watcher: Communication

Weapon: War

Writerboy: Skepticism

Yeoman: Really Cool Fight Scenes (On Leave)

Z-man: Games

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Order by Porfolio:

Arts: N-Chan

Balance: The Fett

Beginnings and Endings: Darth Vegita

Birth and Domesticity: Airshark

Chaos: Silverdeath

Chastity: Peter

Choice: Jaffa

Comedy: Trickster God

Communication: The Watcher

Computers: Nobody

Energy: Imperious Rex

Fiction: Tanith

Food and Drink: The Drunkard Kid

Games: Z-man

Heavy Metal: Eddie von Maiden

The Holy Smackdown: T-1000

Hospitality: Saintjon

Innocence: The Real Nemo (Fallen)

Innovation: BrendanK

Insanity: Morgoth d'Bellatoria

Inspiration: Ghost

Justice and Information: BcAugust

Light and Darkness: Darei

Loopholes: Brief

Mathematics: ChuckG

Meaning: Lord of Nothings

Metaphysics: Alias

Mind: Anonymous

Miscellaneous (Anything Not Covered Already): mk1234

Nature: Rune Silverstar

Order: Lord Darkwolf

Really Cool Fight Scenes: Yeoman (On Leave)

Rebellion and Revolution: Carny

Science and Technology: Metaphysician

Secrets and Mysteries: Mg_knt

Silly Walks: CheeksTheToyWonder

Skepticism: Writerboy

Spontaneity: Cain of Dreaming

Stuff That Pisses People Off: Slayven

Sympathy and Understanding: Arzonist

Time: Daemon

Victory: Locke

Violence: Munchking

War: Weapon

Wisdom: Manuel

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