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During the summer(when Kai is home), there is always a hurricane. If you found the bottle, go visit/talk to Kai the day after a hurricane. He'll fill your bottle with perfume!

Sprite's Tea Party
Ever wonder where everyone is getting Relaxed Tea Leaves? Well here's how!
Have the largest Rucksack and buy 7 flours from the supermarket in Spring
Go to Sprite's house between 3 and 4 pm and give each sprite a box of flour.
They will "invite" you to the tea party(happens automatically) and you get the tea leaves!

Ann's Nap
If you are married to Ann in the Spring(any year), she will have a "nap". Go halfway up Mother's Hill at any time on a Sunny Day and you'll find Ann.

Ann's Birthday Party
To get invited to Ann's birthday party, you must become friends with her. Try to get her heart up more than purple. If it is high enough, in the beginning of summer you'll get an invitation in the mail from Ann! It invites you to her party on the 17th! Then on the 17th go to her house between 10Am and 6PM and you'll get to attend her party! Don't forget her birthday gift!

Doug's memories
On Fall 5th after 5pm, go to the peak of Mother's Hill. You'll see Doug thinking about his deceased wife.

Moondrops for Karen
Between the 1st and 20th of Spring if Karen likes you, she will give you some moondrop seeds. Plant them and give them to her when they bloom and she'll like you more.

Popuri's Egg
Sometime during the year(Summer I think) Popuri will stop by and give you an Egg. Hatch the egg and name it Popuri and she'll like you more.

Dance with Karen
In Spring year 2 before the New Year Festival, Karen will stop by your house between 12 and 3 to practice dancing. If you like her, dance with her at the festival that day after the event.

Fireworks with Kai
On Summer, Year 2, the day before the fireworks, talk to Kai at the beach between 9 and 6 and ask him to watch the fireworks with you. This will make you better friends.

Give Kai Corn
In Summer any year, Kai may stop by and ask to buy Corn from you, sell it to him for 50 gold to make better friends with him.

Helping at Winery
On the 14th of Fall, Duke will stop by and ask for help harvesting grapes. Go to the Winery everyday at 11:30 for a week until 5 and harvest. Make sure to get every berry to get 1000G. Also ask Cliff to help you that day Duke asks you to get Cliff to stay, and pick the berries at the spot Cliff goes to first to make sure you get them!

White Flower
During Winter, go to Ellen's house and she'll tell you about a White Flower that blooms on snowy days. After that, go to Mother's Hill's peak on a snowy day to see it. Tell Ellen and Basil about it the next day.

Cute Cricket
This can happen at anytime in the Fall. If you are married To Elli, Stu will give you a cricket at your farm.

Taking Care of Chickens
If you have a chicken coop extention and only 5 chickens, in the Fall on the 14th-16th Rick will stop by and ask you to take care of 5 chickens. Say yes and this will increase your friendship plus you get to keep the money from the eggs.

Flashing Object
In Year 4 in Winter, walk past the Church after 5 p.m and you'll see a flashing object.

During Winter, go to the Village Square after 10AM on a snowy day. You will see Cliff faint. Talk to him and you will pick up a photograph. Go to the Clinic and Cliff will be lying in bed. The Doctor asks everyone to leave. Next time you see Cliff, return his photo to become better friends with him.

Water Mill
In Fall(Year 1 or 2) on any day up to the 27th, Gray make come to your farm as you walk outside. He will be mad and ask to use your Mill to make a hammer. Let him do so and you will raise your friendship. He will weed your field also in return. After a few days he'll ask you to try the hammer, it'll break. Mary sees this, then go to Village Square to see Mary and Gray fight. Gray will later thank you.


Harris' Love
About Fall 30th of the 1st year if you are friends with Harris, he'll come to your house at about 6:30 p.m and tell you that he was in love with Aja(Duke and Manna's daughter.) He needs help with writing a letter to her, you can either help him or not. Then the next day visit Manna and you will automatically tell her the secret. After that you do the normal and go to bed. The next morning when you come outside Harris comes and tells you he's sorry to bother you with the little incident. Zack comes by and tells Harris he has a letter to give him from Aja. Zack gives him the letter and Harris leaves happy and goes to patroll. Supposedly this raises your friendship with Harris.

Karen Gets Drunk
While married to Karen, one evening go to the Inn (around 7pm) and Karen will be there. Ann will be talking some sense into her...because she's drunk! Ann will ask you to take her home - you'll arrive home together and she will tell you she's feeling better now.

Sandwiches From Elli
In early winter (before the 5th) in the 1st year, Elli will come by at 12:00 to ask if you can try out her sandwitch. You eat it and she implies that you don't like it then she says she'll come back tomarrow. The next day, she comes at 12:00 to give you another kind of sandwitch and you won't like it. The next day at 12:00 she'll come back and give you a combo sandwitch and you'll like it. Her heart level will rise by 1. She'll say that she'll start making the combo sandwitches for Stu. You're just to test out the sandwitches. You MUST be at your farm at 12:00 for those three days for her heart color to rise.

Eggs For Ann
On the 6th of the 1st winter, Ann will come by your house to ask if you can bring 3 eggs to the inn for 3 days. If you say yes, you MUST bring 3 eggs for the next 3 days to the inn. After the 3 days, Ann's heart level will go up by one.

Gotz To The Rescue/ Gotz's Past
In the early winter of the 1st year (not sure what day but it should be a snowy day) go by Gotz's cabin and he'll be standing outside his door. If you go past him, he might automatically talk to you, if he doesn't, talk to him. He'll say that a blizzard's brewing in the mountains and for you to stay away for that day. If you start to head up Mother's Hill, you will be knocked out by the storm. Luckily, you'll end up in Gotz's cabin but he will start to scold you saying, "I told you not to underestimate the power of nature!" He will then apologize saying that his family died because of a blizzard.

Expensive Honey
If you have honey, give your hive to Louis and he'll discover that the bee that makes your honey is a rear species. The next day he'll thank you and tell the buyer that the honey should be sold at a higher price. You'll get 60G for your honey now.

Apple Pie for Ellen
The date varies for this one, but it is usaully in the summer, in the 1st year. On day the Mayor will come to your house saying that he is going to the nearby village and needs a favor. *supposedly* he gives Ellen(elli and stu's grandma)a piece of pie everyday, and because he is going out of town you should do it. Finish your chores, and then go to the Inn and ask Doug for the pie(just go up to him and talk), and he will give it to you. Go to Ellen house and give her the pie. She will offer you a tip, but DO NOT ACCEPT!!!!!! It is only a few coins, and Elli won't be happy. If you don't accept the tip, Elli will come in and have an extra piece of pie, and she will give it to you. The next day the mayor will bring you a piece of cake.

Thiefing Cat
Not sure about the date, but go to the Inn in the beginning of second spring and Ann, her father, Harris, May and Barley are all standing in a circle. They say that food is being stolen from the inn. If you enter the back room, a cat will walk by into the main room. When you go back to the main room, they realize that the cat was the burgler!

Jeff Wins a Contest
The date varies on this, but if you go to the supermarket, Sasha an Jeff are talking about how Jeff won a contest and they should do something to celebrate. Leave and go back in and they decided to have a sale to celebrate. It turns out all of the villagers think they are broke and going out of business so they all go pay back their tabs, and now Jeff is out of debt!

Waiting for Kai
This is a random date event, but it happens on a sunny event. Go to the crossroad near the blacksmith where you turn right to the Poultry farm. Popuri and Mary will be waiting for Kai there.

Popuri Leaving
To get this, become good friends with Kai in the summer. Just give him a gift everyday. When the summer ends Kai will come and say goodbye and says he is taking Popuri with him. Rick will then come by and ask if you have seen Popuri, you can either tell him that she is at the beach with Kai or that you havn't seen her. If you tell him where Popuri will stay all year long, but if you don't she will leave with Kai and only come back during summers!

Good Book
This doesn't happen on a specific date, but around 3 go to your farm and enter and leave your house. Mary will be there (I think you have to have at least a blue heart) and will give you a book. Visit the library the next day and talk to her and tell her you liked the woodcutter, this will make her like you more.

Duke Passes Out
Go to the bar one night and Duke will be passed out. Talk to the people there, and then pick up the jar on the table and go to talk to Duke. He will say something and then throw up in the jar. You automatically take him home and talk to Manna. This will increase your relationship with them.

Sick Baby
When you get married and have a baby, one day you will wake up and the baby will be sick. Your wife will ask you what you think you should do. You can either take it to the clinic or watch it carefully. If you take it to the clinic you'll wake up the next morning with nothing done on the farm, basically skipping a day. If you watch it closely, you will eventually take it to the doctor, so it is better to choose the first choice to make your wife think you are more responsible.

Elli and the Doctor
If Elli has a Green Heart, walk down to the beach. You will see Elli and the Doctor talking. The Doctor complements Elli on how good a birthmother she is. But then the Doctor mentions something about giving birth is the only reason people come to the clinic, so he's considering quitting. The screen then goes black, but you hear Elli say, "You're not thinking about leaving, Doctor...are you?"

Dance Lessons
If you are on your farm at Noon on New Years Day on the Second Year, Karen will show up and offer to teach you how to dance for the festival (WARNING: YOU MUST be on your farm AT or BEFORE Noon. ALSO, Karen does not call for you when she arrives, so you have to be paying attention [the clock will disappear for a split second when she arrives], because if you go into a building before talking to Karen, she will be gone when you come back out!)

Bandaid for Stu
If you go to the clinic anytime, usually the first time you visit, Elli will see you have a cut. She'll ask you a question and you have two choices to answer, 1) no pain, 2) excruciating pain. If you say excruciating pain she'll give you a bandaid. Put it in your rucksack and walk outside and up to Ellen's house. You'll see Stu crying. Walk up to him and give him the bandaid. Elli will then walk up and will thank you for what you did and it will raise her affection for you.

Missing May
During early summer 1-5, around the 3rd, May will go missing. You have to help for the search for her, but you really don't have to do much. Go to the pier oat the beach after 6pm. Talk to her and either listen to her story or bring her home. Either way you'll bring her home but her friendship level will rise if you listen to her story.

A Stranger
After a few days starting the farm, Harris (the policeman) will come to you describing man in funny clothing (Won the peddler) which he says was very suspicious. Then, Won will come to your farm the next day resting by the apple tree. Go to the square to meet Harris and tell him that you see Won. Next, meet Harris again in front of Gotz's House. These is where Harris and Won meet the first time.

The Doctor Wants to Leave
It varies in date but one day when you go into the church and you're good friends with the doctor you can hear the doctor in the confessional telling the pastor that he is thinking about leaving the village!

Rick's Little Scene
This again varies in the date, but one day you'll go to the poultry farm to find a scene where Gotz has come to get eggs from Rick but the Mayor says he was not working and the chickens were not laying eggs. Then you see Rick talking to Karen and Rick tells Karen she is the most important thing in his life and then Karen says she is going to work on the poultry farm.

The Doctor And Elli
Go to the clinic one day (I think you have to see the confessional scene first) and the Doctor will be talking to Elli and he will tell her he isn't going to leave and that he wants to learn from her.

Marry May!
The date for this varies, but one day (probably before you're married though) go and meet May in front of the church (not Mondays and Wednesdays) where she is usually playing with Stu. May will speak to you and state that she wants to marry you when she grows up. You can either choose an option that says no (forget exactly what it is) or "Hurry up and grow, May!". If you choose the latter, Stu will hate you but May will be so happy! Check your mailbox the next day and May will have sent you a letter! It is unknown what happens if you choose the other option, but if you choose this one, May will like you more!

Mad Date
In the second year if you have a date to the Goddess Festival, you can leave her at your farm! To do this, make sure to ask someone. On the day of the festival around 10, leave your farm and don't talk to your date. When you get to the town square talk to the mayor and say he can start the festival. He will say one of the girls is missing, then your date will come and get mad at you!

Ladies Man
Any time (probably have to be friends with Kai) you can walk into the bar. Rick, Duke, Cliff and some other guys will be talking about how Kai butters up the ladies (they're all jealous) and then ask you what you think. You can either say you believe them, Kai, or don't say anything. I don't know about every option, but if you believe them, Kai will go up the stairs and when you go up there he'll be upset/mad at you.

Overprotective Rick
Go to the poultry farm and Karen, Rick and Popuri will be there. Kai will ask if he can come in and Rick says no. Then Popuri comes out and says "Kai do you want to come in?". Kai tells her what Rick said and Popuri says "I hate you Rick" and then Popuri asks Kai to come in. Kai says no thanks and Rick mumbles something. Popuri goes inside and Kai leaves, then Karen says something like "Just because you don't like Kai doesn't mean she can't" and she walks away. Then Rick and Karen don't get along like they used to.

Karen and Lillia's Talk
Go to the poultry farm and Karen and Lillia will be talking. Lillia mentions about how Karen cares more about her than both her children, and says that Karen should marry Rick in order to become her daughter.