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Saibara is Gray's Grandfather.

Saibara is an old blacksmith who works very hard and does the job well. He
gets mad at Gray when he doesn't work as hard as he can. He also likes to
attend the festivals.

Most of the time you can find him in the blacksmith's shop.

Likes: Ores



Gray is Saibara's Grandson, and is his apprentice.

At first, Gray hates the village and rural life. Then he meets Mary, and gets
a different outlook on life.

You can find him in the blacksmith's shop or the library.

If you like Mary, Gray is your rival.

Likes: Ores



Duke is Manna's husband.

Duke is sad because his daughter, Aja, left the village. He often gets drunk.

You can find him somewhere in the Winery, or at the Inn late at night.

Likes: Wine



Manna is Duke's wife.

Manna is a housewife that loves to talk. Be friends with her and you will
learn the pasts of many people in the village.

You can find her at the Winery or at Rose Square on sunny afternoons.

Likes: Flowers



Basil is Anna's husband and Mary's father.

Basil loves the outdoors and loves to study the flora and fauna of Mother's
Hill. He wrote most of the books in the Library.

You can find him at his house or on Mother's Hill.

Likes: Foraged Items



Anna is Basil's wife and Mary's mother.

Anna likes to shop and to talk with all the other people in the town. She
also is very protective of her house.

You can find her in the Supermarket on Mondays, or in her house, or at Rose
Square on sunny afternoons.

Likes: Flowers



Ellen is Stu's and Elli's grandmother.

Ellen is a nice little old lady that enjoyes having Stu around. She dearly
wants to see the Flower of Happiness befor she dies.

You can find her in her house.

Likes: Apple Pie



Stu is Ellen's Grandson and Elli's sister.

Stu is a cool little(around 5 yrs. old) kid who is lonely because Elli works
so much. He also likes animals, dogs (HINT HINT) and rabbits.

You can find him at or outside his house.

Likes: Yarn, Grape Juice, Ice-Cream



The Mayor is Kano's father(I think).

The Mayor is well... the Mayor. He attends all of the un-romantic festivals,
and looks forward to them. He is easy to make friends with.

You can find him at his house or at Rose Square.

Likes: Wine



Kano is the Mayor's son(I think).

Kano is a photographer and isnt seen around the village. He doesn't play a
major role in the game.

You can find him at the Mayor's house.

Likes: Wine



Harris is the local police man. When there is a crime, you may have to figure
out who the culprit is. He has a suspicion about Won, but his only crimes are
his rip-offs.

You can find him patroling the village in the morning, and then taking a
"siesta" at the Inn in the afternoon.

Likes: Wine



Jeff is Sasha's husband and Karen's father.

Jeff is the owner of the Supermarket. He is known for being a pushover, and
Sasha gets mad at him for that. He is also a very good artist.

You can find him at the Supermarket.

Likes: Bodigizer (medicine from Clinic)



Sasha is Jeff's husband and Karen's mother.

Sasha is another wife who likes to gossip at Rose Square. She gets mad
because Jeff is such a pushover.

You can find her at her house of at Rose Square on sunny afternoons.

Likes: Honey



Doctor is a serious worker, but likes Elli, the nurse. Go to him for a

You can find him in the clinic, and at Mother's Hill with Basil and Gotz.

Likes: Grasses(Blue, Red, Green)


-Pastor Carter-

Carter is a nice man who likes kids and is the easiest person to make friends

You can find him at the Church.

Likes: Wine



Doug is the Father of Ann.

Doug is the owner of the Inn and a REALLY good cook. He really wants Ann to
get married.

You can find him at the Inn.

Likes: Mushroom, Egg



Cliff is a wandering traveler in need of a part time job(HINT HINT: Aja) If he
doesn't find a job in Fall, he will leave in 1st year Winter.

You can find him at the Inn or the Church.

Likes: Spa-Boiled Egg



Won is a traveling salesman who rests at the Inn. Watch out! He can rip you
off, but you can tell if he is.

You can find him at the Inn.

Likes: Wine



Barley is May's grandfather.

Barley is a nice old man who has to take care of May because her mother left
her. He likes to go to the Hot Spring, even though May is terrified of it.

You can find him at Yodel Farm or the Hot Spring.

Likes: Spa-Boiled Eggs



May is Barley's granddaughter.

May is a little girl who's mother left her. She is also lonely because she
has nobody to play with.

You can find her at Yodel Farm or the Hot Spring.

Likes: Garbage-not Fish bone, Ice Cream



Lillia is Rick and Popuri's mother.

Lillia has a strange diesese and is very weak. Her husband has gone off on a
journey in search of a desert flower that will heal her.

You can find her at Chicken Lil's.

Likes: Flowers



Rick is Lillia's son and Popuri's sister.

When Rick's dad left, he gave all of the farm's responsibilities to Rick. He
is very protective of Popuri, and he HATES Kai.

You can find him in the area between the Supermarket and the Clinic, and his
Poultry Farm.

Likes: Wine



Gotz is a woodcutter that lives on the side of the base of Mother's Hill. He
will upgrade your house for you.

You can find him at his house, Mother's Hill, and the Supermarket.

Likes: Lumber, Oil



Louis is a scientist looking for bees. If you ever get honey, show it to him.

You can find him at Gotz' house.

Likes: Honey



Zach is the deliveryman, and pays you for your goods. He lives in a house on
Mineral Beach. He is friendly and likes dogs.

You can find him at the Supermarket, your farm at 5P.M., and at the dock.

Likes: Wine, Large Fish



Greg is a local Fisherman. He only visits the town to fish on Fridays-

You can find him at the dock on Fri.-Sun. from 8-10 P.M.

Likes: Large Fish



Kai is a visitor to the village every summer. He and Rick do not like each
other. Kai is a good athlete who opens the Seaside Lodge every Summer.

Seaside Lodge:

Water: 0G
Pizza: 200G
Pasta: 300G
Roasted Corn: 250G
Snow cone: 300G

You can find him at the Seaside Lodge.

Likes: Corn