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Melody Tyler :cub <0> Theurge Bone Gnawer  

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"Whatever, here's your change kid." He sneered and went back to reading his nudie magazine. She didn't pay him much mind, and snatched the bottle off the counter, stepping outside. Only to find one of the boys leaning on her new car. "Hey, ain't you that little girl who don't never go anywhere wit out her mom?" He smirked, eyes raking over her body.

"Y..yeah, todays my birthday, I got a let me go get a pop. but I gotta go now." Her little head snapping as she heard a yelp from the cage, the other to boys snorting and giggling as the poked at a little gray wolf pup. "Hey, you should leave that alone, those animals are sickly..." Her voice fading as the boy came near to her.

"Thats ok, they's just playen' with it.." He reached out and snatched her shoulder. "Just like I's gonna play wit you." He pulled her to him, and pinned her small body against the car, one hand squeezing at her breast. "You like this...girl?" He huffed in her ear as his tounge licked over it. Melody was stunned, she'd never met people like this, she simply began to cry as she was pinned, scared to death her body shook. " hurting me.." Her voice shook as her eyes squeezed closed...and then, it all went black.

Melody awoke to the blaring of her own car radio, her head throbbing. She pushed herself to sit up, palms scrapped by the gravel of the parking lot. Looking down at her fingernails, red blood was caked beneath them, as well as soaking her clothes. She gurgled a scream before she couldn't make any more noise. Looking up, all three of the boys bodies where strewn across the lot, intestines roping around the old animal cages of the roadside zoo. Her mouth dropped open, as the mart had been broken through, each window, also blood strewn, and the clerk hung impaled on shards of glass from the window. She scrambled to shaking legs, and moved quickly to her car. As she slammed the door shut, a small yip caught her attention. In the back seat, a small wolf cub gazed at her through large eyes. He was curled, his fur matted with blood. She snapped her head back around....and started the car, peeling off back towards home.

Willow stood in the doorway as her daughter ran towards the house, tiny ball of grey fur in her arms. "MOM" She screamed, tears falling and making streaks in her blood stained face. "I..I was...attacked...MOM" She fell to her knees as Willow wrapped her arms around her.

"I..its ok.." Her mother sobbed and pulled her into the house. Taking her to the bathroom, she stripped her down, and started the hot shower, rinsing her off. "W..wh..." She couldn't even ask...the feeling returned in the pit of her stomach, it was true, her child was cursed. Or at least cursed as she saw it, and it would have to end...she loved her, but she couldn't let another monster like her father run loose. She turned as Melody rinsed clean, and shut the bathroom door behind herself, keeping the cub from running through the house. Her trembling hands took up the phone as the news broke through the TV. Willow gasped as she saw what, for sure, had to have been her own daughters work... "Ju..just like her father." She cried, as tears fell down her cheeks. She dialled 911, and sobbed into the phone. "I..I know who" She cried, begining to tell the woman on the other end.

Melody stepped out of the bathroom, wet pup in her arms. She stopped at the end of the hall, as she heared her mothers voice .Her eyes went wide as she heard the words. "M.." Nothiing came out, her mother was blaming HER for that accident....she could never do somthing like that, and her own MOTHER was telling them she did it. Her mouth went dry, and she moved quickly to her room. She looked around, quickly throwing on clothes and wrapping up the pup in a few extra blankets. She slid the window open, and ran to her car, tucking the wolf in the back seat, she turned the car on, keys still blood spattered, and drove off. The sirens flashing over the horizen as she disappeared into the night. Tears flowing down her little cheeks, as she had no idea what she would do.

Willow sobbed, hearing the knock at the door. Her own cries having kept her from hearing wher her daughter was. She knew, she was so naive, so young, she would not know what hit her, so she figured she was still in the bathroom. Opening the door, the police stared down at her, her blood stained hands with cold gazes. "She...she is in the bathroom." She cried....

"Who?" One of the officers growled.

" daughter, the one....who did this." She shook her head, still sobbing.

"Ma'am, you have no daughter, your under arrest." The first policeman grabbed her, and spun her around, the second, snapped the cuffs on her arms. "What kind of sick woman are you? Their blood is all over your hands.." He mumbled as they pulled her towards the car.

Willow was in shock, her face white. They were right, Melody, didn't exist.....

Melody unfortunatly has a flaw, slipping sideways, but it helped her when she stumbled upon a pack of understanding Garou. They have taught her so far, and she hopes to continue to learn. She also found a wonderful mate, and a stubborn friend in Sight Of Sun, of whom she currently carries his child.