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Melody Tyler :cub <0> Theurge Bone Gnawer  

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Melody was born, on a cold cement floor, in the basement of her mothers house in southwestern Iowa. Not the greatest start, but eh, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Willow, her mother, kept her secret, she was never taken to the doctor, home schooled, and barely let out of the house. At the age of three, Willow picked up and moved to southern Illinois, to a nice cabin, in the middle of nowhere, save maybe a mile down the road there was a small QwikMart. Now in their new home, where no one knew them, Willow allowed Melody to grow, to see people. They went shopping, and out to eat like everyone else. As far as for Mel's father? Dead, in a car accident, and that was that. No more questions asked, he just was...and it was.

Melody grew quickly. She was homeschooled, or at least thats what the world knew. Everyone in the small town dismissed it as such, no questions asked of the girl, she was a cute six year old, and a favorite at the local maidrite. Willow worked at the hospital a town away, and Melody was babysat by the neighbor a mile down. An elderly woman, by the name of Mable, who would tote Melody around the small town while she did her errands, and allow the girl to socialize with the rest of the pretty much all elderly town. The town was in fact so small, they borrowed everything from the local larger towns, including police, firemen, and the like. So, everyone knew Melody existed, just no one important did.

When Mel turned 11, she began talking with, her grandpa, she told Willow. She would seem to speak to others on a fairly regular basis. Willow dismissed them as imaginary friends. But, Melody insisted they were her grandfather, and her father. She would take walks near the woods with these friends, and draw pictures of them. She even drew a picture, at one time, that resembled Abraham Lincoln. Willow dismissed all this as coincidence, even though, Melody had never learned of that man, or even seen pictures.

On Mel's sixteenth birthday, Willow wanted to give her somthing like the 'normal' children. So, she had saved for nearly a year, and scraped up enough money to buy her a small, old, but working car. Willow fixed her a cake, and gave her the normal gifts that she got. Socks, underwear, common sense stuff. But then handed her a pair of shiney silver keys. "Here" She said softly, and smiled to the girl.

"I know your scared to let me Mom, cause of Dad...but I'll do real good..I promise I will!" She jumped excitedly, and grabbed the keys. She had been allowed to drive the backroads since she was 11 with her mom, so she knew she could do it. She rushed out to sit in it, and Willow watched her out the window. She sighed softly, and smiled. Melody had grown so big, and so very smart..she deserved to be able to go to school, to be a kid. With a heavy heart, she grabbed the phone book, to find who she could call to tell them she had this child, who didn't exist. She was sixteen now, there is no way she could be what her father was. "Mom?" Rang out through the kitchen. "Can I just drive it to the Kwikmart, just real quick and get a pop??" She grined excitedly. "PLease PLEASE?"

Willow smiled and sighed worriedly. "Yes, alright...but just there, and right back." She pointed right at her. "And don't dilly dally at that little zoo, those animals are sickly. Who knows what you might catch." Melody grinned again. "I promise!" With that she ran out the door, and started the small beater of a car, heading off towards the gas station. The cool night air leaked through the half rolled up window of the car, it probably didn't even go up the rest of the way, but Mel was happy for the moment. As she pulled in, she hoped out of the heavy door with ease, gazing over the empty lot. Over at the little petting zoo, stood three nearly twenty year old boys. Poking with sticks in a small chickenwire cage. She rolled her eyes. Boys...ugh. She thought as she moved into the Mart. Grabbing a pop, any kind really, she didn't care, she'd just wanted to drive. She set it up on the counter. "Hi, this is for me, its my birthday." She chortled to the clerk. He was young also, and rolled his eyes at the bouncy girl.