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Welcome to the Age of Vampires Roleplaying Game. This site is underconstruction.

This RPG will be based on the early 1700's in Europe, when Vampires were just starting to be viewed as a major threat. Only a few brave souls dedicate themselves to stop these demons of the night, they are known as Vampire Hunters.

Slowly the war continued between the two sides, each killing eachother off in equal numbers, but recently the vampires have grown and are now more powerful than they used to be. Now they have the power of changing their form into anything imaginable and the some of the powerful ones are even resistant to sunlight. Still they prefer the dark, but the thought of them able to roam during the day is frightening. Looks like the Vampire Hunters are going to need new tools and tactics...

This is were the blood is Shed
This is the AoV Game Forum.

Current Players

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The Sides of Light and Darkness
Info on both Vampires and the Hunters.

To slay a Vampire
Directions on how to kill vampires.