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Starfleet Command
Welcome to the USS-Laffey

      We are a Titan class star ship in Task Group 2 (Beta Wing) of Task Force 44 (code name: Gray Mist) of Bravo Fleet. This a play-by-email simulation. Have a look around and then click on the 'join' link below to become a member of the crew!

Department Head Positions Still Available!

Marine CO
Marine XO
Chief Science Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Intel. Officer
Asst. Wing Commander
Apply now!!!

      Task Force 44 Gray Mist is the headquarters of the Bravo Fleet Intelligence Team, the fleet arm of Star Fleet Intelligence, more commonly referred to as GrayMist.
      GM is based on Avalon Fleet Yards in the Raeyan Asteroid Field. GM is Bravo Fleet's principle espionage organization. It operates covertly to guard against possible conflicts and unseen threats, to preserve the peace and security of the Federation.
      The role of GM is to gather data, analyze it and act on any threats identified before they affect Federation interests. We are the front line in an often unseen battle.

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