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Final Fantasy XII (Preview)
by RageOnALeash

Final Fantasy XII is the latest installment in the ever-growing list of Final Fantasy Games. We will not see FFXII until sometime around Q4 2002. This page is meant to be an update page, bringing you breaking news of Final Fantasy XII. As yet, this is what we know about the game:

Final Fantasy XII will NOT be an online game. This may or may not come as a relief to RPGers, depending on how well FFX and XI do on the gaming market. It is confirmed that work has been started on FFXII; also confirmed is that usual-director Hironobu Sakaguchi will be moving over to fit two new directors into the chair: Yasumi Matsuno, who directed Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics, and Hiroyuki Ito, who directed Final Fantasy IX.¹ We will also have Hiromichi Tanaka (Chrono Cross) and Kouichi Ishii (Seiken Denstetsu) aiding in the creation of this promising game.

The system on which FFXII is to be released has not yet been announced, this may mean that Square has not made up their mind on whether or not to stick with Playstation 2 or to move on to another console². Well, that's all for now. Tune in a little later for more breaking FFXII news!

Source: RPGamer and Final Fantasy Online.

¹What this means is that we can expect a lot of Fantasy (FF IX), a great battle system (FF Tactics and Vagrant Story), and the spark of gaming enchantment and loveable charachters (that all the other games have produced).

²This console will most likely be X-Box, I doubt if they would go with GameCube, unless they really patched things up with Nintendo. And who knows, they may not go to either! For all we know, there could be a brand-spanking-new console from a company (who you've never heard of today) that's a huge success in 2002! Or, Square may not even switch consoles at all (sticking with the PS2) and they've just decided not to announce that that's what they're going to do.