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Quan's Screen Capture Corner pg 3

If you hold your mouse over the pictures you'll be able to read about the meaning or where the picture took place.
Zidane and Garnet watching in horror and disbelief as Queen Brahn summon Atomos and destroy most of Linblum. Kuja's special Silver Dragon (left), Kuja before Trance (right), and Bahamaut (center). I'm not sure but I think this is just before they attack Alexandria.
This is when Queen Brahn tries to attack and kill Kuja. But, alas, she stood no chance. This was her battle fleet as it got destroyed. Queen Brahn did escape in an escape capsule, but died soon after. I'm not exactly sure what is going on here but I believe this is soon after Brahn's death.
Eiko watching as they begin to summon Alexander. The most powerful eidolion. Eiko after Alexander has been summoned.
The church is just about to get hit with Bahamaut's (now under Kuja's control) fire ball. THE GREAT ALEXANDER!!
The Invincible's (now under Garland's control) Eye about to destroy (or seriously injure) Alexander. The shot from the Invincible seriously injures Alexander and destroys much of the city.

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