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Quan's Screen Capture Corner pg 2

If you hold your mouse over the pictures you'll be able to read about the meaning or where
the picture took place.
This is Princess Garnet in the very beggining. She has just woke up from a dream. This is Alexandria castle in the very beggining just before the Prima Vista and her crew are about to put on a play called 'I want to be your Canary'.(If I'm wrong on this, E-mail me the correct name)
This is Stiener, Captain of the Pluto Knights. This is seconds before the play starts in the very beggining. This is our (in order) Zidane, Stiener (carrying Garnet), Vivi, and Blank running through Evil Forest. Evil Forest is about to totally petrify. See Evil Forest under Quest for more info.
This is one of the 3 mages. I'm not sure but I believe that this is the 3rd one. This is Garnet steering the cargo ship with Stiener at her side.
This is Vivi about to do a huge fire spell. This is the cargo ship as it enters Linblum. See Linblum under Quest for more info.
This is Burmecia. I think that this is in the castle (or what's left of it). This is after Queen Brahn attacked it. This is Kuja, before he discovers how to Trance.
This is Queen Brahn about to use Odin on Clerya. (I think) This is Odin. An instant kill eidolion.
These are a few guards from Lindblum. This is Zidane and Dagger running from Pinnacle Rock heading for Linblum.
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