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Quan's Screen Capture Corner

If you hold your mouse over the pictures you'll be able to read about the meaning or where

the picture took place.
Garnet (a.k.a. Dagger) cutting off her hair Zidane watching Garnet cut her hair.(a little amazed) Hildegard 3 headed for Shimmering Island.(The passage way to Terra from Gia). Zidane and Garnet (Dagger) headed up the passage way to Terra. Kuja in trance. One of the many Silver Dragons.(Kuja's) Zidane watching the Hildegard 3 take off before he goes to save Kuja.(at the Lifa Tree) Garnet looking down at Zidane from the Hildegard 3 before he goes to save Kuja.(at the Lifa Tree> Garnet (now Queen Garnet) looking down at Zidan after he returns from saving Kuja.(at the Alexandria Castle) Stiener opening the door for Queen Garnet.(so she can go see Zidane) Vivi looking up at the Prima Vista in the very beggining. It is about to do a play at the Alexandria Castle. This is the Lifa Tree. I'll explain this under Lifa Tree in the menu when I get to it. This is Alexander. Protector of the Alexandria Castle. It needs 2 summoners to summon Alexander. He is the most powerful eidolion in the game. Unfortunately you don't get to use him. See Kuja and Garland under other characters for more info on this battle. This is one of Kuja's Silver Dragons. The best shot I have of one. Yes, those are all Silver Dragons in the background.

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