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Since the first hunter/gatherers constructed basic societies, the majority of our existence has revolved around the society as a whole. Whether this entails working for the society willingly and cheerfully, or contributing to its ultimate destruction, most people are members (to some extent) of society.

As more advanced societies began to form and a single leader had to meet the demands of hundreds of followers, rules were created to maintain order and allow the leader to manage his people unconsciously. The creation of the dictated law also allowed the people to live within boundaries that would keep them safe from harm while simultaneously benefiting the community.

However, when law was organized, two byproducts were created: morality, and religion. Morality is a term attributed to the quality of following these laws and maintaining good conduct. Religion incorporated morality into its fold, creating an organization that paralleled society (sometimes even replacing it completely!) and taught people how to live by introducing the concept of a great spiritual reward should one maintain good morality throughout one's lifetime.

The Paladin is the living example of these two things. He/She is the pinnacle of what is good and right in society, idealizing these in his/her behavior.

The purpose of this page is to serve as a memorial to the legacy of the paladin, and as a reminder to the spirit of righteousness that once was, and might still be resurrected.


       The Path of Righteousness -
              The tale of the struggle of a young boy who breaks away from his family that was trying to
              corrupt him to the ways of evil.

       Hail to the king -
              The tale of an archmage's mad desire for power, and his great plan to conquer the Realms.


       The Betrayal of a Lifetime

       Captives of Freedom