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As most of you (the smart ones, at least) can infer, this is the links and files page. Have fun.


       DiGraci's the True Art of Defense -
              The foremost authority on the use of the rapier, pike, and spear. A thoroughly
              comprehensive guide covering the art of blocks, deceit in combat, shield use, and use of
              two rapiers. A word of caution: follow their advice and don't use this as a beginner's
              manual. It's for fighters and fencers who can take the fighting arts seriously. -
              A site covering the history of killing from a scientific and psychological angle. It contains
              many writings and essays that discuss the evolution of warfare and weapons, how children
              are being trained to kill, and why today's soldiers are far more prepared for combat than
              those fifty years ago. BTW - You can only access the articles from the sitemap.

       Pictorial Armor Glossary -
              A fun site that lists and catalogues a multitude of weapons and armors from the middle ages.
              Many are accompanied by pictures.

       The Code of Chivalry -
              The old chivalric code followed by the gentry and nobles of the European feudal era.
              Contains the original code, a modernized version, and the rules of Courtly Love.

       Idylls of the King -
              A book by Alfred Lord Tennyson describing the life and adventures of King Arthur. A bit
              slow and hard to follow, but generally fun.

       World Paladin Union -
              A fairly decent site focusing specifically on paladins as portrayed in fiction (mainly games)

       Planet AD&D -
              Everyone's gotta have fun sometime. I prefer AD&D, and this is the best site on the net.


       AD&D 2nd edition Players Handbook

       AD&D 2nd edition Bards Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Druid's Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Dwarf's Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Elf's Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Fighter's Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Gnome and Halfling's Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Paladin's Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Ranger's Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Thief's Handbook
       AD&D 2nd edition Wizard's Handbook