Lyrically Screwy!!

The poets within us are released on you at last!! But This is the home of our lyrics... so far not very finished. Please feel free to royally slag them off in our guestbook! If any one can tell me how to separate text into different lines rather than big fat mutha paragraphs, please tell me in some way (email/guestbook/homing pigeon) cos it would really help the site and I'll put a big lovelly thankyou up!!

Below is a random Goth Quote generator from . please enjoy!! It changes each time u hit refresh so give it a whirl!
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Lisa and Shells songs!

If I was a rich man (i would hire a hitman!)
Wheelbarrow of Pain (Ode to a bitch)

Shells Lyrical Musings!

My Baby, Cham

Let's get outta here, scoob!