Wheelbarrow of Pain

The following is our fantastic song: "Wheelbarrow of Pain", also known as "Ode to a Bitch" Enjoy!!

If I was a wheelbarrow,
I'd be sure to run you over,
and win 1st prize for biggest marrow,
Then feed your bones to Rover

If I was a lighthouse,
I'd blind you with my awesome power,
I'd drink all your famous grouse,
then rub your face with lemon sour

Bitch, I hate you fucking Bitch,
I really hope you die,
I probably wouldn't cry.
I'd laugh at your pain,
You make me go insane,
I'd dance on your grave, dance on your grave today!

If you become a trouser-presser,
I'd heat you up and burn your dreams,
I'll mess you up till you confess-a,
then float your body down the streams

If you become a roasted peanut,
You bet I'll find you in your bag,
don't forget I'll find you, slut,
don't forget I'll get you, slag!

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