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Chapter 15: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

New Madrid Exercise (01/27/03)
Number your paper 1-11 and answer the questions from the worksheet using the website given. Answer "open" when the file download box appears.

Fault Types
Here is an exercise for describing and learning the different types of faults. You will need the fault block model in the classroom.

Earthquake Waves Types
This exercise demonstrates the two major types of waves that occur during earthquakes - P-waves and S-waves. You will need a metal Slinky and a plastic Slinky for this activity.

During an earthquake, sometimes liquefaction occurs. This is when the "house of cards" structure of clays is disturbed by movement. Before an earthquake, there is water trapped between the "cards". During an earthquake, the water is forced upwards causing anything on top of the clay to sink, kind of like quicksand. This is a fun activity to demonstrate this phenomena.

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