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Site History
Well this site doesn't really have much history so far. I discovered Evanescence on the previews to the movie "Dare Devil" and heard them a few times on the rare occasion of me watching WWE. I decided that I would get the Dare Devil soundtrack just for that song "Bring Me To Life" you know what song I am talking about. The group climbed up onto my top 5 favorite bands of all time with just two songs (the two songs on Dare Devil, "Bring Me To Life" and "My Immortal"). I talked to my good friend Dustin Hames (graphic designer for site) to make me a layout for the band, and well this site come about from him basicly. I am working my butt off to keep this site alive and keep it the best!

Site Information
Webmaster: Mike Burkey
Graphic Designer: Dustin Hames
Site Opened: 3.8.03
Site Created: 3.5.03
% of Site Completed: 55% (its never gonna be 100%)

Webmaster Information:

Website Occupation: Main Webmaster
AIM: XGuitaristBurkey
Age: 17
Birthday: 12.30.85
Marital Status: Single
Interests: Playing guitar, and playing sports. As well as exercising in my free time. My bands are most important in my life currently. I like to play video games in spare time as well, but mostly I jam on my guitar...hoping one day I will be opening up for Evanescence. ;)
Occupation: Guitarist, and Sandwich Artist at Subway.


Website Occupation: Graphic Designer
Age: 17
Birthday: 1.27.86
Marital Status: Single
Interests: Building Websites, making websites, Music. (Dustin send me more info. here if you want)
Occupation: Graphic Designer


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2003 - Mike Burkey
2003 Dustin hames (iCD) for graphics!