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May 17th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 11:35am
New Link
Well my life is getting really busy at the moment, final exams are coming up and a big project in one of my classes, and my band is starting to practice a lot more, so for the next 2 weeks or so there might not be a lot of updates for the site, I will still be dropping into the forums to say hi for a few minutes, but I will be extremely busy for the next 2 weeks or so. I am sorry for the inconvienance, but I just have a busy life sometimes.

We have a new link as well, I am not sure if we are affiliates or not, but currently they are under the links go check them out!

May 14th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 9:35pm
Well not much new with the site really, the only thing I have done is made FORUMS to the site! So please please go check out the forums, they just opened today and they need a lot of members and a lot of topics to talk about! Just click on the link up there, there is also a link on the WWW page and the enter page of the site, so please try and stop by in the forums and join, and become friends with us. I would really appreciate it.

Now sorry for the lack of updates for the actual site, but these forums have taken a lot of time to make and set up, and they still aren't done being completely made. Now I will add new news and stuff as I receive it but until then stop by the forums and chat!

Expect huge updates at the end of this month, because I will be out of school and free for 3 months!! The only thing I will be doing is working, and I can work around that in the summer time to make big updates on the site. Anyways have fun! And until then stop by the forums! lol. Have a wonderful night everyone...

May 11th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 5:54pm
Lots of new Fan stuff/Updates/Appo News Alright, well I have had a very very busy schedule the past 5 days, Tuesday I had to work, then Wed. I watched X-men with a group of friends and had band practice, then Thursday I worked again, then Friday I went and saw a double feature of Daddy Day Care (which is very very funny do not listen to the critics and go see it!) and Idenity (which is a very very freaky and thrilling movie! It kept me and my buds on the end of our seat and screamin our heads off, and the twist at the end adds some terror for children), Then last night was my Junior Prom and I had a blast at that. But today I come back with tons of fan mail, and lots of hits so I decided to get busy!

Alright first off, I read my mail, added a review and two pics from the Nashville show under the fan section, then I added a fan creation (wallpaper) and made the fan creation page. I also added a Mike's Review page on the review page because my show reviews were so long and were over shadowing the fans reviews. Then I read a e-mail from Appo, who will be a webmaster as soon as she isn't busy with her life (yes people sorry to tell ya, we both have lives outside of the net! lol) which should be around june. And what else have I done...? I dunno I lost track man! Just look around and I am sure you will find something new.

Appo News:
I got some really cool news from Appo today, the song "Going Under" (which will be Eva's next single) will be appearing in the video game for PS2, "Enter the Matrix" which comes out the same day as the movie, May 15th.

"Fallen" will be hitting stores in Australia May 12th.

She also told me that the video for "Bring Me To Life" will be included in the Daredevil DVD when it is released. And she gave me a great review from USA Today on Evanescence and their cd Here

Well thats all the intense updates for right now, I will be doing some more work on the site later tonight maybe, if not then I will talk to you all tomorrow! Peace!

May 5th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 10:45pm
New Affiliates/Reviews/Atlanta/New Video-Single

Alright Alright, we got another affiliate that you need to check out, they are Lillix, and they seem to be a great site! So go check them out whenever you get the chance.

And as I promised you guys I made some heavy updates, I made the fan encounters page, along with a full review of my Atlanta Music Midtown experience, and I added a fan review from Carla Lorenz. So Check the fans section out!

Also, very cool news now! Evanescence is going over to Europe soon to go shoot the video for their new single "Going Under." The single will hit radios in the next few weeks, and hopefully slow down the flow of "Bring Me To Life" which some people are gettin' mad at because of its over-play. But I love it everytime it comes on. So look forward to the new single off of Fallen and the new music video, cause I know I am.

I will have more info. on the video as it devolpes in the mean time, read my review for MM!

Ok...Wow again, this band is truely one of my favorite bands of all time, and I haven't even known about them for over 4 months now! That has to tell all you people something. They are just amazing, Amy's voice sounds beautiful, while Ben and John's guitar licks echo in the air, Will's deep tone and jumping around, and Rocky's beat just merge together to form one of the most distinctive and hard rockin' sounds I have heard in my life. Again this more Here

May 4th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 9:15pm
Atlanta/Updates Tomorrow

Hey whats up all you Eva fans! Just wanted to say sorry bout the lack of updates lately, I have been busy and I went to Atlanta for the Music Midtown this weekend. Evanescence played Saturday and completely rock the house! I made a shirt especially for Amy that said "Marry Mee Amy Lee" on it, held it up inbetween songs and she just kept looking at it and smiling at me during and inbetween songs. I think she reconized me from the Nashville show too, but she kept looking in my direction and smiling towards me...I think we made a connection for alittle while. I know it will be a day I will never forget, I hope she never forgets it as well...

Now right now I am extremely tired cause I had a band practice as soon as I got home from Atlanta this after noon...and I am just whiped out man...But I will have TONS of updates tomorrow, peace! And I love Amy Lee!!! Lol.

--Oh and to all those e-mail people that sent me something in the past 5 days I am gonna update your info. onto the site tomorrow, sorry but I am too tired right now...Tomorrow I will add your links and stuff. Peace!

April 22th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 11:13pm
Quick Updates/Shakefire Contest

Alright quick updates for ya guys tonight. I added a long review/statement thing that MTV made about evanescence onto the page...Though I can't remember where I put late I guess -.- lol. And I added a CD review from (gave the cd a 4.5 out of 4!)

Also, speaking of shakefire, they are having a contest to win a autographed poster signed by the band! So go to and win the poster for me!! Lol.

April 20th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 10:43pm
More Easter Updates

Alright, I am leaving ya tonight with a new page. Its the Review page under the music section. This page lets fans and other sites review Eva's shows and cds. Also I have the complete Discography of ALL evanescence's cds. And, I have 2 additions to the link page, Cassem Forums, which I would like to think is sort of my official forums (Though I did not create, nor am I a mod or admin to) since I am there allll the time. The other is a cool computer art site, check both of them out if ya have the time!

Tomorrow I have to don't expect any updates tomorrow, sorry, but I got school then work so sort of don't have any time. Though Tuesday and Wed. I am off, so expect updates then, along with the scanner gettin hooked up...stupid scanner. Also we might get another webmaster, AppoJuice from Cassem, she will probley help us out with context :)

Good night and I hope you had a great easter sunday!
God Bless

posted by Mike @ 1:43pm

Happy Easter Updates!!

Hey there, Happy Easter Everyone!

My present for you is big updates on the interview page! I have links to the DC 101 interview and the VA FM 99 interview, along with a view from popyoularity(sp?). Anyways, I will be adding lots more stuff here soon so expect big updates in the next few weeks alright? Peace I am outta!

April 19th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 6:27pm
New Affiliates/Angelfire

Alright I got two new affiliates today. One would be another Evanescence fan site that is really cool, and you should check out here and another is located here. Go check them out and support them.

Angelfire (my host) isn't working with me right now, on some new pics I try to place on the site, they don't show up...Like one of my new affiliates' buttons. I will try to fix this problem as soon as possible, and the guitar one mag. pics will be up too. Sorry bout the trouble! I might be moving to a new host if this keeps happening.

April 16th, 2003. posted by Mike @ 1:16pm
Christian Music Industry

On a forum I post on regularly now I saw a topic about the problem Evanescence is having with their christian music affiliates. Its a very long article so I will just link you directly to the forum, but this depresses me...Amy and Ben didn't do anything wrong, Ben said a bad word or two but thats it. The interview with the band will be in Entertainment Weekly this week. The CMI is totally recalling all of Evanescence's merchandise from their stores.

In my opinion this is pretty stupid, for one Amy and Ben kick ass christian or not. They were really nice people and really cool, I would love em if they were any religion. Secondly, since the CMI has released Eva from their christian label this gives Eva a more relaxed life. They don't have to watch what they say or do around media, and they don't have to limit their lyrics in their songs so they won't upset the CMI. I think the CMI is really scrict and should be more layed back with things such as this. I mean these guys are rock stars! They are soppose to have fun right?

Here is the Forum with the article in it. Its a great forum, if I were you I would join there...Try to figure out which member I am! (My username)

Also here is a article on the Billboard charts page (

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