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My Dogs

NEW BIT - June 2004!!
We've set up a dogcam!! Click on the link and have a look at what our poochies get up to during the day while we are out at work DogCam. Email me to let me know of any good bits!!
We usually only run the camera while we are out at work or out at the weekend, so if you can't connect it means we are at home - you'll have to try again! The dogs make us laugh a lot, I hope they'll make you laugh too!

The stars of the show are Saffy (Dalmatian, she's 8 years old, pix below), Maddy (Jack Russell pup, she's five months old, pic below), Mickey (Yorkshire Terrier, he's 11 years old, blonde with docked tail, pix below) and sometimes Jessie (Yorkshire Terrier, blonde with long tail), Candy (Yorkshire Terrier, dark with long tail). Candy and Jessie belong to my Mum, we look after them while Mum goes on holiday. Candy and Jessie are sisters and are ten years old.

We have a new arrival! This is Maddy, so christened because she is MAD!.

Me with Saffy & Maddy

Here's a great pic of Saffy and Lilah together. Chris took this when we went walking up Pen y Fan in September 2002.

We had stopped to take some photographs and a German woman stopped to ask me if I had to carry Lilah on the walk up the hill!! Tee hee hee! Lils was always fitter than any of us!

Saffy & Lilah

Bad news again. My little Lilah escaped from my garden and was knocked down and killed by a car on 8 November. I know you shouldn't have favourites, but she was mine. I was always afraid she'd be taken from me because I loved her so much. I miss her terribly. I still can't believe she's not going to pop up from somewhere, or that I won't find a soggy, half-destructed tennis ball in my bed. My poor little girl.

These are some new doggie pics:


This is a super photo of Saffy, taken by Chris. Typical Saff shoving her face in the camera! She's such a Diva!

This is Lilah with her usual Smiley expression! Another pic by Chris.


This is Jodie. She's Saffy's bestest friend!

Jodie Doberman

Here's Jodie again, this time with me and a Flake! (or maybe I am the flake *lol*)

With Jodie

My lovely Zeb has gone. He collapsed on Sunday 3rd March 2002. The vet diagnosed a liver problem. He had a liver biopsy on Tuesday 5th, and appeared to be doing OK. Over the weekend he stopped eating, he went at lunchtime yesterday (13th March). I have no words at the moment to describe how much I love him and will miss him.

Here's Lilah! Lilah was two on 19th May 2001. She still hasn't stopped peeing on the kitchen floor. If she wasn't so cute I think I would have had my hands around her throat a long time ago!!!


Here's Zeb saying hello to Lilah for the first time

Zeb and Lilah


This pic was taken a few years ago


This pic was taken last summer (2001). Mickey got a grass seed in his paw. (It ALWAYS happens to Mickey!)

Saffy Says Hello!

Here's Saffy doing her usual "aroo roo roo"!

And here's Zeb indulging in one of his favourite hobbies ... diving for rocks (oh yes, really!).

Zeb diving
Done Diving!

And here's the "after" shot of the diving!!

Zeb got a bladder problem after Christmas (probably the result of too much rich food!), but after a fortnight on various homeopathic remedies, we seem to have sorted it out.

He's also managed not to knock the end off his tail for a while. (Good thing really, the fur is only just growing back after the last lot of Elastoplast!!)

Read the heart-breaking story of Duchess and others.

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