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We are on Dragons Den on an update show tonght BBC2 8pm


Dragons Den Repeated Saturday 17/2/07 BBC2 8.05PM

28th Feb 2007

What a sad day and farewell to a highly respected man, if I have a tenth of the attendance to my funeral I would die a happy man. Kate & I were there to see hundreds of friends and family paying their respects to Joey. Representatives from both the Krays and The Richardsons stood peacefully side by side with the likes of Bruce Reynolds, Freddie Foreman and of course DC himself. From those who knew him well, to those who never met him, to celebrities including Jimmy White, Chris Quinten, Gary Mason and Kenny Lynch. Streets were blocked and the church was spilling over to bursting point. Below is a picture of the horse drawn carriage leading the procession to the cemetery. Follow this link to read the Daily Mail's view of the funeral service where you can add your comments.

At a charity event about four years ago Kate asked Joey if we could cast his hand as at that time we were doing celebrity hand casts for our own charity, we had already cast the likes of Bobby George, Chris Eubank and Dave himself. Joey's very first question, with a wry smile on his face, was 'Will it have my fingerprints on it?' Kate laughed and said 'Yes Joey, but if you make a fist like Dave did you'll be O.K.' It is such a great shame that we never did get to cast Joey's hand, my ill health followed by Joey's put paid to the idea. That just tells you, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. God Bless Joey,  you were always a joy to be around and a true gent on the few occasions that we did meet. Our respect, condolences and love go out to all the family. 


17th Feb 2007


We were going to go and see Dave today to celebrate his Birthday, but all Birthday celebrations have been cancelled as Dave's hero, ally and close friend Joey Pyle sadly passed away at 1.35pm today. Dave's thoughts, love and condolences go out to all Joey's family and friends, along with ours. We, like many others, will never forget the occasions when we were lucky enough to meet Joey in person.

If you would like to know more of the great legend, Joey Pyle, or just help to keep his memory alive then why not purchase his book 'Notorious, The Changing Face of Organised Crime' by clicking on the duster:   

Dave also sends his respects to the friends and family of Reg Parker, a friend of Dave's for 20 years, who was buried yesterday.

All in all, a very sad time for many, what can we say? Life is short, so enjoy every minute and at life's end is it not best to regret what you have done, rather than what you have not?

16th Feb 2007

Today Dave visited the legendary Joey Pyle at the Hospice, Dave said that it was a humbling and very touching experience and that the place was filled with those who love Joey so very much.  Our love goes out to you all, we have met Joey quite a few times now and have always found him to be the perfect gentleman.

15th Feb 2007

Many thanks to all our friends that gathered at our house last night to watch Dragons Den with us and then party! Special thanks to Seymour, George & Di, Steve and Di, Paul, Elaine & Vince and the ever supportive, hardworking Margaret without whom we never would have packed so many products! It was a great shame Dave couldn't make it but hey, I wouldn't give up a night at the Brits either! Dave did ring last night and again this morning, so thanks Dave, for taking the time to call us when you are so busy and have so much else going on in your life right now, see you soon mate. If by any chance you missed us facing the Dragons due to it being Valentine night, you can catch the repeat on BBC2 at 8.05pm Saturday 17/2/07.

Thanks to all those who emailed their support following our Den appearance, we have had so very many, along with sales, contacts, buyers etc even from as far a field as Florida!

Dave & Noreena had a great time at the Brits and the after show party at Cafe Royal.

11th Feb 2007

OK, here it is! We will be on Dragons Den on the 14th Feb 07, yes Valentines Day, how appropriate eh! Of course we can't tell you how we did so sorry, but you just have to tune and and see for yourselves! BBC2 8PM. As you can imagine, its very, very busy here. We are frantically packing products (for the last time at home, since we have now located a packaging factory says Kate in relief, she can't wait to have her house back!) Then of course there are a whole host of Radio, TV and newspaper interviews to do, getting a feel for the sort of thing Dave does every day now! If you want to see us and Marilyn we will be at Bluewater tomorrow (12/2/07) at La Senza for a massive PR event and TV shoot for the BBC South East today news.

News from Dave: Six Bend Trap is to be shown in Middlesbrough in March, more details to follow ASAP.

Clubbing to Death: should be completed very soon in the hopes of a summer release, which will be kicked of f by a London premier in Leicester Square & Liverpool premier in Philip Olivier's (Brookside/Hollyoaks) bar ICE. "Clubbing To Death" which is being directed and produced by Lee Phillips of 4GMEDIA is a wicked tale that is set in the murky world of club culture, where Dench, a low life gangster runs the five biggest clubs in London, & supplies drugs to all of them. Everything seems to be going well until he gets greedy & decides to rip off his supplier by hijacking the next consignment before it reaches the UK. Trouble is the guy he's been dealing with forgot to mention that they belong to a psychotic American holed up in Morocco. Will Dench & his loyal right hand man Chris be able to stop the mad yanks plans to destroy his clubs and family before its to late? The cast and crew are currently being followed by a couple of film crews for documentaries, details to follow.

Web links for the film:  To read press releases pop over to

3rd Feb 2007

We have hit a new mile stone ourselves today, our product Send a Kiss by Ben`je is now on sale in La Senza stores near you.

Send a Kiss in store at Gift Card at La Senza

Its a great gift for your loved one and even more so that Valentines Day is not far away.


18th Jan 2007 

Happy New Year to you all, we hope that you had a very happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Our very sincere apologies for the long silence. As we mentioned below, we went for an audition for Dragons Den in December and we were lucky enough to be chosen for filming for the new series, series four, to begin on BBC2 on Feb 7th. We cannot tell you how we got on due to having signed a press and confidentiality agreement so sorry, but you will have to watch and see! We will be able to give you the time and date of the show we will feature on shortly. Once the show has aired we will be able to tell you all about the experience, the most frightening thing we have ever done! Since filming we have also gained our  first large order from a high street chain so are flat out packaging our product. On the night the program airs we will be holding a get together here for all our special friends and family who have supported us in our new venture. Of course, Dave, Seymour and all the look-alikes will be here, so whatever the outcome we will have a great night which we intend to capture on film.

On to the latest news: By chance we called Dave on the very day he was due to fly to Mexico. He was at the airport and hastily telling us about having been arrested there, but not to worry, he hadn't missed his flight and was about to board the plane! Apparently it was all to do with an old warrant where Dave had failed to name a driver. To Dave we think it was just another of his adventures, he was only really annoyed about the confiscation of his treasured dusters!! Dave was off to Mexico to start filming The Dead Sleep Easy where he plays one of the main characters, a very nasty one too. More news upon his return.

An Audience with: At the Polish Club, Sandy Lane, Melton Mowbray. Sunday 25th Feb, 7.30 til late. With book signing, raffle and licensed bar. Strictly over 18's. Tickets 17.50 in advance. Call Dean 01664 853901 or 07949 682951.

Please forgive us if we don't get to update here for three weeks, we really are flat out with the new business and under a lot of pressure, but hey, its great fun, no really!

13th December 2006

Hello folks! Hope you are all looking forward to the Christmas Season! As usual things are hectic for us all, especially Dave. As for us, well after our return from the launch of our new product at the NEC in Birmingham, we had a call and guess what? We are going to the BBC tomorrow for a test shoot for Dragons Den! We will let you know what happens next!

Tonight Dave has told us all his latest news and we will be keeping you all up to date until is running normally again. Apologies to Bev for the late updates and photo's of her two amazing occasions recently, they appear below.

Dave wants to send his Congratulations to Levi who has just become engaged to Gary, Dave is very pleased and says 'Love you to bits Levi' Big Congrats from us to Levi too, email us some pics!

Well, Dave's had a really busy couple of weeks, no wonder the phones been off! On Tuesday of last week Dave went to the OK Magazine Christmas Party, held at Jewel Bar in Piccadilly Circus. Dave was there with Vanessa, Mark Fish, Brendan, Lou, Leah & Dicky (from Big Brother fame) and Rhino. On Thursday Freddie Foreman popped in for tea with DC and gave Dave tickets to see George Michael at Wembley. On Friday Dave was at an Audience With at the 'Contented Pig' in Portsmouth with Nokia John, Big Paul & Big Chewy. (hope I spelt those right guys!!) Dave then drove up to Earls Court for 9am Saturday to start filming a new production inside Earls Court (whilst they were building the cage for that nights cage rage!) Dave was filming with Craig Charles, Seymour and Brendan. Dave couldn't stay for the Cage Rage as he had to rush back to Portsmouth for yet another 'Audience With!' PHEW! On Monday of this week Dave attended the televised 'Audience With' of the great Howard Marks with Freddie Foreman, Bernie, Christian, Piers, The Howardsons, Nick Berry and Ian Wright. Oh, and remember the George Michael tickets, Dave went to see him Live last night with Norena, (who loves GM!) & Brendan. Tonight Dave went to see Courtney in her Christmas Play with Levi, Brendan and Jenny. (Does this man ever stop?!) Then he went ten pin bowling and insists that he won! (Norena yelling in the background, No I Won! lol) 

Now as promised Bev! On the 5th Nov Bev's daughter, Jerry was christened at the Prince Albert. Dave was, of course, one of Jerry's Godfathers. Hope I got this right but also Shaun God Squad, Australian and two American Godfathers, Mr Him & Des. Photo's below. Then on the 17th Nov Bev herself had something major to celebrate: She got married and is now known as Mrs Bruiser! Bev married at St.Petes in Florida, Big Congratulations to you Bev, keep us updated on the other news! Photo's below.     

 Jerry's Christening. Jerry & Dave. Jerry's Christening.

Bev's Wedding

Bev takes her vows

The Happy Couple

 We should be seeing Dave within the next week or 10 days so more news as soon as we have it!

7th November 2006

Dave has a UK Book signing tour with Inshops ( together they are sponsoring the Howard Table Tennis Club based in Derwent Way, Rainham, Kent. Two children have been selected for the England training squad, but all the children need sponsoring for tournament fees, travelling and training for their county and national rankings.

Dave will be at Inshops, The Trafalgar Centre, 270 High Street, Chatham, Kent on Wednesday 8th, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th between 1-5pm for book and DVD signing and a photo shoot. A photographer will be there to take and produce you photograph with Dave which he will then sign with a message of your choice.

The first Heroes and Villains collectors store will be opening in Inshops, it is currently being decorated but everyone is welcome to call in anytime from now. The official opening will be on the 17th November. This will be raising money for Children in Need and The Howard table tennis, Dave wants to include Misunderstood tickets, available from Lesley on 07886156543 or 01634 409401.

The film Bronson is to start filming on 1st Feb 07 and will shoot in 15 different locations. The film's producer, Danny Hanford, will be at the Free Bronson event, along with Tom Hardy (Layer Cake, Sweeney Todd), who it is expected will play Charlie in the film.

The phone number for tickets for the Bronson event is 07968 019095 (Gary)  

25th October 2006

 Dave Courtney is the latest big name to join Net Talk Radio.

Dave will talk about his time in London's underworld, he was the man who arranged the Krays funeral and he joins Net Talk with his own live interactive chat show at Midnight on Fri Nov 3rd/Sat Nov 4th. Hit the link below to get to Net Talk Radio, don't miss it!

Click on the cool dude

More dates for your diaries: Cage Rage, Sat 9th Dec, Earls Court.

Audience With: 25/2/07 at The Polish Club, Sandy Lane, Melton Mowbray, Leics. Full details on our audience with link.

19th October 2006

I thought you may want to check this out, let us know what you think about it.

Click on the cool dude

1st October 2006

More dates for your diaries: Sunday 8th Oct: 8.30pm Private Party. Marina Keys, Caister Road, Yarmouth. 10 a ticket. call: Jaymz on 07756468929. Sunday 15th Oct: 7pm, New Continental Hotel, Plymouth. 20 a ticket in advance only, strictly over 18's. Licensed Bar, book signing. Call Gary on 01752 216992 or 07974 032750.

Free Charles Bronson Human Awareness Event: Sunday 19th Nov Blue Bamboo, Derby. To be attended by Mr Joey Pyle Snr. Entertainment by: Dave Courtney OBE, Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw, Howard Marks, Jason Marriner, Ray Winstone, Joe Longthorne, Doctor and the Medics, The Swellbellies, DJ Kate Lawler & Adrian Doughty. Admission by Ticket only 20 Call Gary on 07968019095. First come, first served, limited availability so book early.

New DVD from Gangster Videos: 'Dave Courtney, Even Dodgier' (and we have seen it, its great so get your copy now!) As always controversial & very funny! 18 Cert. Features: The Camelot Party, Joey Pyle's tribute night, Behind the scenes at the filming of Six Bend Trap, plus special features, interviews etc. Running Time: 110 minutes.

Hit this link to buy it now! 

30th September 2006

Tonight Dave will be at Cage Rage 18 'Battleground' Wembley Arena, doors open 4.45pm first fight 5.45pm Hit this link to visit the Cage Rage website:

Bev (Prince Albert Public House, Old Mill Lane, Plumstead Common) is holding Des' Big Birthday Bash, also tonight. Other dates at the Prince Albert include: 28th Oct, Sophie's Big Birthday Bash: with MC Creed, Sparks and Kie, Beau Courtney and many more. Nov 5th, Jerry's Christening where Dave is to become one of her Godfathers along with 'Mouse' president of the outlaws USA, 'Mr Him,' Des and 'Bags' the president of the Australian Outlaws. Although the ceremony itself is private there will be Karaoke during the day and the 'Old Number 7' Rockabilly band will play live in the evening along with Fireworks. The pub has a late license that night (2AM) Children welcome until 9pm. 2nd Dec The lady herself, yes its Bev's Birthday Bash with 'The Shamir' playing live, back by popular demand. This one's unmissable! For further info hit this link:

Yet More Dates, audience withs, party's etc All a great chance to meet Dave:

20th September 2006

Here is a link to the superb photographs that we took at Camelot on the 18th Sept. Enjoy, well worth seeing! 

Here is another link, this will take you to see exactly what has kept us so very busy since April, hence the lack of regular updates, sorry about that and hope you understand. Normal service now resumed! It is a totally unique world first consumer gift product, shortly to be launched on the market. We hope that you like it, go on, send someone you love your kiss!

17th September 2006

Tomorrow, 18th Sept, we will be at Camelot for a twelve, (yes twelve!) hour photo shoot with Dave. Jerry will be snapping away in his usual fashion, no doubt Kate will be supplying the refreshments and I'm sure we will all have a great time! The photographs taken will be used for Calendars, posters and playing cards etc. More news and maybe a sneak preview on our return!

Congratulations to our niece Emma and her good man Ronnie for finally tying the knot on Saturday the 16th, despite Ronnie having signed a document in the year 2000 swearing never to marry! (he now owes someone an awful lot of cash!) We had a wonderful day and Kate loved the bagpipes! Dave was sorry he couldn't make it but pleased to have been able to speak to Ronnie just after the ceremony. (just as well, he may have talked you out of it before!) All the best to a wonderful couple that we are very proud of.

Dates for your diary: Friday 22nd September 2006 at 11am - 3.30pm: Book & DVD Signing and Photo shoot at Back Room Books, 43 High Street, Rochester, Kent.

Proprietor of Backroom Books, Mr. Bob Peters, has been very supportive over the past year, displaying and selling Dave's signed books, DVD's, and photographs. He also sells signed Joey Pyle, Freddie Foreman and Howard Marks books and their signed photographs on behalf of the Camelot Castle Collectors Store. Dave will be helping Bob raise money for a local children's charity Demelza House. Bob is currently organising trips to the Steam Railway at Tenterden, Christmas panto and entertainment to visit the children within the hospice.

7th October 2006: Book & DVD signing & Photo shoot at Ottakar's/Waterspoons, 15/16 Kings Walk, Priory Meadow Centre, Hastings. Following the book signing there is an audience with at a local night club venue details to be confirmed. There will be 200 tickets available. Store Telephone No 01424-722253 Camelot Castle Privilege Club 0788 615 6543.

The London Palladium gig went very well. Dave says Adrian was blinding. More news from Adrian very soon!

Dave told us that he had a great time at the Ten Rooms with Gazza, Brendan, Norena, Martine McCucheon and Suzie and Rich from Big Brother. Kate's so jealous, she just loved Rich in BB!

28th August 2006

Check out the link below to see the opening scene from Six Bend Trap!

26th August 2006

Had a chat to Dave last night, caught up on all the gossip. All being well we will probably see Dave down here in sunny Eastbourne next week.

Check out this link: Dave's official my space page!

Dates just in from the Camelot Castle Privilege club: 

Audience with Dave Courtney and Special Guest Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw 31st August 2006

The Hollywood Bowl Restaurant,  4 The High Street, Gillingham, Kent

Tel (01634) 574772    Fax (01634 851055).     Or CCPC on Mobile 0788 615 6543 Lesley

The restaurant seats 70 people only, in the main tribute area. There are 10-15 tickets currently available. The Tickets Cost 40.00 per person, this is fully inclusive of a four course meal, with a choice of starter, main course and desserts which will need to be confirmed in advance, along with the entertainment, Dave and  Roy. To be seated by 7.30pm Strictly tickets holders only will gain admission and no tickets will be sold on the night.

Dave & Roy Book, DVD & photo shoot, Print and picture sale etc.   31st August 2006

The Marquis De Lorne,  Mill Road, Gillingham, Kent
(01634) 580117
opp The Black Lion Sports Centre               CCPC  0788  615 6543

V.I.P Tickets are available in advance @ 10.00 or upon entry. One drink will be supplied with each advance ticket purchase in the waiting area.  By advance booking you will not be required to queue outside and will also receive a drink upon entry. On the day it is solely entry only, excluding drink and you will need to queue.

More dates to follow very soon.

17th August 2006

Hi all, bet you thought we had abandoned you! For those who know us, you will know we have been travelling, mostly Devon, Cornwall and Wales. For those of you who know us exceptionally well, you will know that we have been working very hard on a private project which is now nearing completion leaving us a little time to spare at last! Of the two friends we had in hospital, one made it, one didn't. Condolences to Anne, we will miss Lee, even his Jesus sandals and matching beard!

Hi to Phil Mordue, Dave say's please get in touch!

Lee Philips, please can you send the newspaper article again as it will not open, thanks.

This Saturday at Bev's pub, The Prince Albert, Rock Band 'The Cool Cat Trio' don't miss it!

We did catch up with Storm before she left for the U.S. and we wished her loads of luck and had a good old gossip. We fully understood her reasons for going but will miss her sooooooooooo much! We will never forget her help, support and singing at our wedding.

Dave is busy working on his new book, 'The Da Courtney Code' which promises to be an interesting and informative read!

This Sunday 20th August Dave will be attending Fight Night at Woolwich, for tickets call  07707 171708 or 07990 603181.

On the 26th August Dave will be dong an 'Audience With' at The Guernsey Bowl, tickets 15 from Martin on 07911719970.

You will be able to read an interview with Dave by Matteo Sedazzari at this website in the near future: keep checking and we will let you know exactly when it will appear.

Check out the Cage Rage website here for a short documentary on the making of 'Clubbing To Death', worth a look.

 Dave features on a new Gangster Videos production called 'Sam Heuston Laid Bare' Buy it by clicking on this link: 

Belated Birthday Greetings to Ronnie Biggs who was 77 on the 8th August (we did send a card, hope you got it!)

And last but not least, No we have not seen Chris The Greek lurking around Eastbourne lately (mind you not been here much!) Will keep our eyes open for you Dave!

21st June 2006

Further to the details below regarding 'Courtney in the Clink' there will be a pre show party to this event. Get up close and personal with Dave at the ZAKUDIA BAR, RIVERSIDE WALK, 2A SOUTHWARK PARK ROAD. (150 yds from 'The Clink' Prison)  From 6.30pm for photographs and signed merchandise.

Check out the Audience With link here for all the latest updates on audience with shows, appearances and more!

Please visit Bev's website, The Prince Albert, for details of exciting forthcoming events where Dave will also be appearing. Tomorrow, for example, Dave will be playing David 'jellybaby' Holt, professional pool player. David will be challenging anyone to beat him!

Go on, check out the dates, Dave is often at The Prince Albert so you may bump into him (not literally, wouldn't advise that!) There is always something happening, live bands, book signings etc and on the 22nd July 'Summer in the City' The biggest London Outlaws Motorcycle Club
  convention of Custom Bikes and Tattoos.

17th June 2006

"Courtney in the Clink"  

Brought to you by Paradise Promotions

'An Audience with Dave Courtney OBE'

1 Clink street, London SE1

8pm till late Wednesday 26th July 2006

Tickets 10

VIP Nr stage 15

Contact Chris the Greek Tel:

0208 640 3260 or 07861 897291

Your chance to meet the man himself, ask him any questions, if you dare!

Can Dave convince you to have faith in the British justice system?

21st May 2006

Sincere apologies for the silence, one of our very closest friends has been in hospital for sometime now and this has taken all of our attention, trust that you will understand. All our love and prayers are with you mate, we are here for you no matter what and Dave sends his very best to you.

Catch up news: Dave has begun filming Clubbed To Death and all is going well.

Audience With date: Yeovil, Somerset on Sunday 28th May: The venue is Duke's Night Club in Tabernacle Street, doors open at 9 pm. Tickets are available from Dukes, Ottakars Bookshop, Acorn Records (all in Yeovil) or from Leon on 07999 385 529 (tickets 7 each). Dave will also be doing a book signing at Ottakars in Yeovil the same afternoon.

Website link for Bev/Prince Albert:

That's it for now, we will be seeing Dave very soon, more updates then.

21st April 2006

From all the phone calls and emails we have received it seems that the premier of Six Bend Trap last Sunday was a huge success much enjoyed by all who attended.  Our friends Izzy Ozzy and Barely Connolly both telephoned and Austin Prowess sent a lovely email to say what a fantastic evening they had and asked us to pass on their thanks to Mike and Dave. They were both raving about the film, to give you an idea, Izzy normally chats on the phone for about 2 minutes but 20 minutes later he was still gassing away about the film! They highly recommend it, (in fact we can't wait to see it for ourselves now) and praised Dave's performance some of which was superbly realistic (you can guess which bits!) and some of which was very funny. Well done to Mike and all involved. Here are just a couple of pics from the evening, more as soon as we have them.


Izzy Ozzy grabbing attention!

 Billy playing the fool in the background!

Tomorrow we are taking Ben to the WWE live Smackdown event at Wembley Arena where he has front row seats. (see it on Sky Sports 3 on the 28th/29th April) update asap.

13th April 2006

Just returned from a day out to London, after taking our Ben to see the Mr Men exhibition at Oxford Circus (and getting conned into buying a limited edition Mr Men picture for 200 by Ben) we popped in to see the lovely Bev M at The Prince Albert just round the corner from Dave's. We had missed the opening night so it was good to catch up, remember DC fans you have at least a 75% chance of meeting the man himself every time you pop into The Prince Albert for a pint! Bev showed us the photo's from opening night and we took a few of our own while we were there. Bev told us about plans for St Georges Day, celebrations will commence at 12 noon and run until 6pm. Then  because there is a boxing night at Caesars that very evening Bev and Joey Pyle Jnr (who will be in the ring that night) are organising coaches to take people from the Prince Albert to the boxing and then bring them back again where the celebrations will continue in the pub until 2am. Just think, no worries about drinking or even finding the venue! If you are interested in tickets or info about this event call Bev M on 07713628631. Hurry, book early it's sure to be a great night!

Dave & Bev, opening night.


The Prince Albert

 Portrait by Tina Goldsmith

Outlaws corner

Pool & darts

We left the hospitality of Bev and then popped in to Camelot  on the off chance and Dave & Storm were there so we stayed until quite late. (hence not updating until today, well 2am was a bit much lol) Dave is looking fit and well and Camelot looks fantastic. We met up with a couple of lovely ladies who are busy organising merchandise and we plan to meet with them again soon to photograph the merchandise and help them with their plans. You really must see some of their wonderful wares, all being well that should be within the next couple of weeks.

Don't forget that the premier of Six Bend Trap will be at Middlesbrough on Easter Sunday, looks like its going to be a huge event with stars a plenty attending. Check out their website for details of the film. 

Our good friends Izzy Ozzy, Barely Connolly and Austin Powers will be going so although we can't make it we know that we will get some great photo's and stories about the event and will carry these ASAP.

08th April 2006

Hi folks, we're back! Sincere apologies for not updating before now, our PC has had health issues, along with various family members! Although not all are fully recovered we are doing our best to stay with you. We have kept  in touch with Dave and he has had a couple of really great 'audience withs' in the last month plus the grand opening of the lovely Bev's pub, which also happens to be Dave's local. Bev tells us that the opening night was a huge success, packed to the rafters in fact. Our good friend Chris was in attendance, if you were there you would have noticed him, he is a dead ringer for Sammy Davis Jnr! Chris said it was a fantastic night which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Here is a link to the official site for the film Six Bend Trap featuring Dave:   

The premier is scheduled for the 16th of April 2006 at the Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough.

The other film featuring Dave, 'Clubbed To Death' currently being shot by Lee Phillips, was mentioned in the Daily Mirror recently:

Daily Mirror 23 March 2006
FUN Lovin' Criminal Huey Morgan will star in forthcoming Brit flick Clubbed To Death.
The bizarre cast also includes Lord Brocket, reformed villain Dave Courtney and girls about town Lauren Pope and Donatella Panayiotou.

More details when we have them. We hope to visit Dave very soon and all being well we will update then.

Thanks for all the get well wishes and if we have missed any emails a big sorry, things should start to return to normal service very soon!

09th March 2006

We had a call from Dave yesterday, he tells us that Joey Pyle has completed the first treatment and is doing very well. Dave was also excited and enthusiastic about receiving the script for 'Stop The Ride' More news about that next week.

Remember we told you about Jason Pitbull Pasquale (back in Feb), well he is still staying at Dave's and as well as training Dave he is very busy with Newspaper interviews, appearances and the like. Perhaps you saw the article about him in the Sunday People on Gary Bushells page? We hope to meet Jason next week when we will be paying a flying visit to Camelot.

This coming weekend Dave is going to Leeds to celebrate Mark Fish's birthday (Saturday) and then on to Middlesbrough on Sunday for the premier of 'Six Bend Trap' So Happy Birthday to Mark, have a good one mate and good luck with the premier on Sunday Dave.

06th March 2006

Just received an email from Lee Philips of  4GroundMedia concerning Dave's latest film project. You may remember us mentioning the film which was originally called 'Don of the Dead' The film has been renamed 'Clubbed to Death' as this fits the content much better. Lee describes it as a cross between  Snatch, 28 Days Later and Human Traffic. Dave is to start filming his scenes in the next couple of weeks. Lee told us that they have a major American star on board as well as many famous British faces and that distribution has already been secured. We look forward to hearing all about the progress and to receiving the full cast list very soon.

25th February 2006

We had a nice long chat to Adrian a couple of days ago, Adrian and Chris The Greek both worked tirelessly on the Joey Pyle Lifetime Achievement show which went off very successfully at Caesars in Streatham on Sunday night. Unfortunately we didn't quite make it but we did get as far as Gatwick before the car decided to die on us! We missed quite a night. Finally got the car fixed yesterday!

The good news is that Joey's first lot of treatment has been booked and paid for thanks to the evenings success. The show was a sell out, packed to the rafters and was filmed ready for a possible DVD release in the future. Adrian Doughty and Wayne Adams fronted the show and performances ranged from Jocelyn Brown to Oliver Cheatham and even the ever lovely Storm who sang 'Wind Beneath My Wings' just as she did at our wedding. The auction had 61 items generously donated which included Ronnie Woods guitar & even Mike Tyson's boxing robe! This went brilliantly despite the fact that dinners were still being served at 9pm, over 900 of them in all! At least 1,200 were in attendance. The finale for the evening was Wayne Adams and Dave up on stage with just one spotlight on the pair. Wayne sang a very unique and special version of 'My Way' ('His Way') with revised lyrics as a tribute to Joey Pyle, this led to a standing ovation for Joey who then said a few words.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved in making the show such a success, from the performers to those who worked so hard on and before the day to set the event up, to all who promoted the show, donated to the auction, bought tickets & bid for auction items.

Joey, we have had the pleasure of meeting you quite a few times now and have always found you to be a true gentleman, we wish you all the very best, with respect, Jerry & Kate.

Here are a couple of photos courtesy of Mal at DC.COM

Joey says a few words.


Joey & Dave.

Further news, photographs and details of the event to follow. Please feel free to email us your view of the evening along with any photographs you would like displayed right here. 

16th February 2006

Dave has a special guest staying at Camelot at the moment, his name is Jason Pit Bull Pasquale who is a friend of the UK's strongest woman, Gemma Taylor. Jason is from the USA where he is one of the countries top fitness experts and consultants, he is also an assistant boxer. He is renowned as of the best trainers in the world who advises all the top guys and worlds strongest men. Jason will be staying with Dave for a while and will be helping Dave with his fitness.

Audience with date, the first in Northern Ireland: Thursday 20th July 2006 at the Belmont Hotel, Banbridge. Tickets 10.00 Al proceeds to The Starlight Foundation. Contact Grant on 07745552642 or email

For those of you lucky enough to have tickets to the Joey Pyle evening on Sunday, see you there, for those who missed out, don't worry, we will carry the story and photographs of the evenings events right here. We expect to be back and update the site by Tuesday as we are planning to stay over Sunday night in order to interview Jason on Monday, all being well.

18th January 2006

We have been having a very busy time here lately, we have had our fair share of family trouble and strife to sort out, like most people! Still, makes the New Year interesting! Much to our disappointment we just could not make it to the Premier of 'The Dealer' but have spoken to both Dave & Lee and it seems it was a huge success with over 500 in attendance. The film received a five minute standing ovation and was attended by many, including legendary film star Leslie Phillips, Nick Moran who will be in the feature, Colin Salmon (resident evil) John Altman, (Eastenders),Lord Brockett, Chas n Dave, Caprice, Deepak Vermer (Eastenders) Jess Conrad & Sam from Big Brother. There was a cellist in the foyer, Jazz & classical pianists on a grand piano, & close up magician, Mark Gray, entertaining the guests when the film wasn't being shown. The evening was shot by a number of film crews including, Satellite Live (for the US) & Liam Galvin who was filming for Dodgy Dave 2, & press from just about every newspaper & magazine were there. Sounds like we missed a real corker! Many thanks to Lee for filling us in and for the photographs of the event below.

Lee & Nick Moran

Deepak Vermer & Dave

Colin Salmon

The Crowd

Pat Murray, Matt Ware, Lee, Steven Drew & Mark Shaw

Lee, Leslie Philips and writer/producer Tony Royden

We spoke to Dave late on Wednesday evening and he was on his way to a funeral to be held on the Thursday. These are always very difficult but more so when the sad occasion is for a child. Courtney Abigail Marissa Guy, named after Dave, was just 8 years old and succumbed to Meningitis. Our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies go out to all her family and friends.

We are also busy helping our good friend Bob Lucas (see organise 'an audience with Billy Connolly' in Cambridge which will be attended by many other look-alikes to recreate the real thing all to be filmed for a DVD! Sounds like fun, if you are interested or think you can help email us!

Finally, don't forget that Dave is in Exeter on Thursday for an 'Audience With' For full details please visit  

7th January 2006

Here are the details for the Joey Pyle Snr. lifetime achievement evening: Feb 19th, Caesars Palace, Streatham, London. Tickets 50 each, there will be tables of ten so why not get a group of your mates together and prepare to enjoy a fantastic evenings entertainment. Dave and Howard Marks will be running a fundraising auction during the course of the evening and other entertainment will come from singer Kaya, Ray Winstone, Jocelyn Brown, The Oddballs, Storm and possibly Alexander O'Neil.

As a favour to our very special mates George & Dianne here is a great big HELLO from Dave and us to Chris & Tracy, keep visiting the site and drop us a line soon!

6th January 2006

Hello peeps, we hope you have all had a wonderful time over Christmas & we wish you a very Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We have only recently returned home ourselves from our holiday. We decided to have Christmas away this year as our son really wanted to see & play in real snow plus revisit Disney, Paris. We had a great time and the snow in Germany followed us back! We only got stuck once and that was in France.

Of course we kept in touch with Dave, calling him during our break away and sending postcards from some of our favourite places. If you ever get the chance to visit Baden Baden in Germany do, its a great spot for visiting the Black Forest and has the most amazing natural Spa. We were swimming in the hot spa outdoors at minus 2 with snow falling on our heads! Just half an hours drive and you are on top of the world, driving through the clouds to the ski slopes, amazing, and the Germans keep their roads spotless despite all the snow!

Dave said he had a great New Year's eve, he had so many invitations so he spread himself around as many as he could and ended up back at Camelot partying the night away. Big hello to Seymour, great to chat to you and see you very soon mate.

Anyway, enough gossip from us, here are the latest from dates from Dave:

Audience With in Exeter, Jan 19th 2006, visit or call mark on 07980 804695

Burnley, Feb 9th 2006, Kestrel Suite, Burnley. More details soon.

And of course the very special Lifetime Achievement evening for Joey Pyle Snr. With DC himself, Howard Marks and Roy Shaw. 19th Feb 06 Caesars Palace, London.

The film 'The Dealer' is premiering in Leicester Square on the 10th, we hope to attend, all the news, gossip and pics to follow soon.

Many thanks for all the fab emails and keep them coming. While Dave is not on email and cannot reply personally you can rest assured that we speak to Dave virtually daily and do pass on all your comments. We gain replies for you in his owns words where ever possible and we are more than happy to pass them on.

We had a call from our good friends Pete & Emma, why not pop off now and check out their great new website for 2 To Go at where you can listen to some of their tracks.

Once again, Happy New Year to you all

Jerry & Kate.


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