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     Appearances of all kinds

Welcome to my fabulous web site, fabulous cos there's lots of me in it just about everywhere! Though it does have a purpose and that is to entice you to part with your money and pass it on to me for appearances of all kinds!

Good idea eh? I have been doing the old Billy tribute act for about three years now as stand up, (now with the banjo too) but also doing meet and greet appearances at parties, shows, weddings, funerals (this works best when the deceased was universally loathed by all the mourners)

I have done compereing, charity auctions, product launches and promotions, (the CV appears later in the site) and love them all! Well my old day job was with the County Council so you can imagine that this is a more fun existence by a considerable margin!!!

  Hello and welcome to my web site, take a peek around and let me know what you think.  You can hire me to give the bride away or entertain your investors. You will have an expereance never to be forgotten.  



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