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.: Links

Seems like everyone has links so here are a few of our favs.

Wizards of the coast - Keepin' DND alive

GaryGygax - The guy who started it all

Steve Jackson - Another great name in RPG
             Steve Jackson's Gurps
             Steve Jackson's Fighting Fantasy Books
             Steve Jackson's Fantasy Trip/Melee - One of his first, if you search around the net you can      find even more about this games system

ICE version of middle earth - I remember these books were one of the more expensive ones out. Now here they are free, yahoo!

Dwarfstar Games - Small and simple

RPG Gateway - A great site for all kinds of RPG info

Cerbin - One of the first sites to reconize The Creator System. Even though they endorse other mapping programs now we still give them credit.

Tu-Dragons - Another great site that was one of our first contributers. Great for resources.

Frank Frazetta - Probably the best modern day old world style artist around. - We have had software up here ever since it started


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