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.: Download

Download The Creator System 2.6a(2.64 mb)

Minimum Requirements:
Pentium III or better
2000, XP
16 MB ram
800x600 resolution with 16 bit color
About 10MG of hard drive space

The Creator System  has been tested on several different computer systems but if you have any troubles please contact us. 

Bug Fix:
9-4-06  Problem with saveing maps and opening them
10-12-06 Tile fix that makes old tiles disappear when new tiles are added 

2-29-2008 Spell Check has been disabled because of conflict problems with Wnidows Vista

.: Tile Sets
  Classic Tiles 1
  Classic Tiles 2
  DND 3rd tiles
  Highway sets
  Floor Tiles 1
.: Single tiles and overlays
  Compass set
  Hex overlay
.: Game Examples
           Quick Dungeon crawl side adventure for Dungeons and Dragons
.: Other Stuff
  Monster Encyclopedia

The Creator System © Copyright Gibson Graphical Studio 2006, All rights reserved.

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