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Jeff Thinks About...

Is this for real? Actually, "What Jeff thinks about..." is a website about some of the interests we both share. If you find nothing here that you like... Its okay. Maybe I'll soon think of it in the future. Until then, enjoy reading my two cents worth!
A test site by Jeff Mendoza...

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Today is:

3/21/03: I just uploaded the article for my NBA page. It's not yet done, but i'll finish it as soon as possible. Am I just cramming or what? I promise that there will be more things to come... See Ya!

3/20/03: I finally uploaded this site! Hopefully it would be better. Thanks to those people who'll read my stuff. Nothing fancy here, but I guarantee everything's worth looking at. Sorry, but only the Home and Magic: The Gathering Links are accessible at the moment. The rest are under construction. So many things in my mind right now. Well, gotta go now. Thanks again!

Before I forget, one last thing. Yesterday, one of my officemates, who is also a friend of mine, lost his mother due to an illness. Condolences to him and to his family. It was very saddening to hear. My prayers are with you, friend.

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