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Project Requirements
A folding brochure with at least three panels, created so as to fit inside a standard business envelope when completely folded. Color combination is the creator's choice.

Client Name and Description
Berzerk Image--a new, one-person art studio that produces graphic designs, fine art, and tattoo designs on demand. The artist has a tendency towards edgy solutions that have a modern feel, yet contain elements of fantasy or esoteric thought.

Client's Objective
To create a brochure that is fairly simple and inexpensive to produce, yet serves to showcase the general "feel" of the art created by the studio and give examples of its work. The intent is to mail these brochures (using inexpensive business envelopes) to art galleries or individuals who might be interested in buying or showing any of the studio's work.

Target Audience
Primarily artists or art collectors, particularly those who enjoy art of a dark, complex, fantasy-based, and elegant kind.

How My Solution Works

Programs Used
Photoshop 6.0 (image editing), Illustrator 9.0 (vector image creation), Quark Express 4.0 (text management)

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