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Project Requirements
Four-color hardcover book cover, built according to measurements taken from the book to be used for modeling the final product. The cover must contain all the items required by a real cover, including ISBN code, price, publisher's logo, etc.

Client Name and Description
Black Butterfly Press--a new book-publishing company created specifically to print the work of authors and artists who have previously been only available online. Because money is no object, the company chooses not to appeal to the mainstream book-buyers, but instead prints work that could be considered edgy and controversial, hoping to reach isolated fringe groups.

Client's Objective
To produce a unified series of book covers for the first series to be produced by the company. The intent is to create a design that fits the feelings expressed in the books, not necessarily a design that is conventional or appealing to everyone.

Target Audience
Mostly males (though females are not excluded) from approximately late teens through late twenties. They are intelligent, modern, broad-minded, and capable of deep thought, though they may also have a noticeable rebellious or indiviualistic streak.

How My Solution Works

Programs Used
Quark Express 4.0, Photoshop 6.0 (image editing), Illustrator 9.0 (vector image creation, EPS management).

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