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Project Requirements
A T-shirt design that will be printed and applied to the shirt using iron-on transfers. The shirt must be used to promote a certain business or event, and this intention must be clearly obvious in its design. All parts of the project must be able to print on 8.5x11" sheets of paper, though more than one sheet can be used.

Client Name and Description
Violent Apotheosis Creations--a new, one-person art studio that produces graphic designs, fine art, and tattoo designs on demand. The artist has a tendency towards edgy solutions that have a modern feel, yet contain elements of fantasy or esoteric thought. (This piece uses the old name and logo for the studio that is now known as "Berzerk Image.")

Client's Objective
In an alternate dimension, the teeming hordes of VAC fans were screaming for wearable art that would allow them to proclaim their undying loyalty to the studio while still looking incredibly cool. Having become dissastified with the restrictions that online T-shirt printers impose on designs, VAC has chosen to have a professionally-printed shirt created for its fans to satisfy their wish.

Target Audience
Individuals who are already familiar with the work and outlook of the studio and want to wear examples of the art (and the uber-cool logo) around to increase their social rank. This group is more likely to be male than female (if past experience is any indication...), late teens to late twenties, and of no particular income.

How My Solution Works

Programs Used
Photoshop 6.0 (digital collage art), Illustrator 9.0.

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