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(Sadly, the original data for this project got lost somewhere between here and there, and I'm therefore unable to provide the original printing version. Photos of the final mockup will be available in the future...)

Project Requirements
A four-page, single-fold newsletter; color combination is left up to the creator. The primary focus should be on creating a theme and layout grid for the newsletter and carrying it through the entire piece.

Client Name and Description
Violent Apotheosis Creations--a new, one-person art studio that produces graphic designs, fine art, and tattoo designs on demand. The artist has a tendency towards edgy solutions that have a modern feel, yet contain elements of fantasy or esoteric thought. (This piece uses the old name and logo for the studio that is now known as "Berzerk Image.")

Client's Objective
To produce a newsletter that matches the general style and feeling of other products associated with the studio (letterhead, envelope, etc.). However, the newsletter is enough of an indepedendant entity to warrant its own name, if necessary.

Target Audience
Individuals who are already familiar with the work and outlook of the studio and would like a way to get more detailed updates on its activities on a regular basis. This group is more likely to be male than female (if past experience is any indication...), late teens to late twenties, and of no particular income. At the very least, they should not be offended by quirky darkness and odd topics.

How My Solution Works

Programs Used
Quark Express 4.0, Photoshop 6.0 (image editing), Illustrator 9.0 (vector image creation).

All site graphics and designs on these pages are copyright 2002 to J.M.Bondzeleske (ebondrake at hotmail-dot-com) and may not be reproduced or distributed without my consent. However, I do not claim ownership of photos or placed art used in parts of these designs, unless stated otherwise--they were collected via clip art and Internet searches.