Create your own RPG's                                                                          October 2, 2001

          Ever dreamed of playing you're own RPG? Put your imagination to use with RPG Maker 2000. With a very easy to use interface, and room for customizing you'll be creating your own epic adventures in no time.  Head on over to the RPG Maker Info page for more...


Final Fantasy VIII!                                                                                   October 2, 2001

      Final fantasy VIII section is now up! Midis, wallpaper, walkthrough, world map, as well as some challenging secrets to help you get through the game with ease. Head on over to the ff8 section and see for yourself.



Snes Emulation Section Complete                                                September 26, 2001

       Added one emulator and three classic rpg's to the Super Nintendo emulation page.  Games are: Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III (VI), and Chrono Trigger. Absolutely free rpg's!!!!



Final Fantasy VII Section Up                              September 24, 2001

        We're slowly on our way to building the site up to completion.  The first section finished is none other than Final Fantasy VII, quite possibly the greatest RPG ever to grace the likes of mankind!!!




Welcome to MagiX Realm: RPG Sanctuary                                   September 23, 2001

      Here's the new layout. Expect to find daily updates and the latest news in the world of RPG gaming. None of the sections are up so far, but in the next couple of weeks the page will begin to take shape. Contact us here.



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