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Ever wanted to create your own rpg?! Well with RPG Maker 2000 its very simple to come out with a great super-nintendo-style rpg, you have the ability to customize everything, sound, graphics, text, even the battle system. You can create thousands of items and your own spells/summons.  Anything in your imagination can be made real!


This is definitely worth the dl, for those of you hardcore RPG Fans. Head on over to the download page and get the setup files.


So now that you've downloaded RPG Maker, what's next? Don Miguel's Page (The creator of RPG Maker) has several guides on how to get started, as well as more system, character sites, tile sets, and sounds. You can find all of the information at the site.


If you're new to RPG Maker, RPG Maker Online Help for Newbies is an excellent tutorial site to get you started. It will teach you the basics of the program to get started.


We, here at RPG Sanctuary, have decided to create our own RPG of epic proportions, entitled "Seeds of Fate". Hopefully we'll finish soon and who knows?! maybe it will become a hit franchise. You can find out more about Seeds of Fate by going to its page. [Here]


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