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Nan Belegorn
Located: Cedar Falls, IA (University of Northern Iowa)
Established: 2000
Number of Members: 40+
Contact: Josh "Derian" Mattson

Tir Asleen
Located: Ames, IA (Iowa State University)
Established: 2001
Number of Members: 40+
Contact: Matt "Xipher" Stephenson

Local Units

This listing maintains information about past and present units for the purpose of historical record. Thus, inactive or disbanded units are listed and indicated as such.

Aspiring Knights Guild (Retired)
Established: July 2002, Retired by the sands of time.
Founder/Leader: Founded by Derian and Alcon, lead by council of five
Description: The purpose of the AKG was to develop experienced leaders and veterans in Eriador. This was the first attempt to work towards a standardized knighthood system in Eriador.

Blood Valley Horde
Located: Nan Belegorn, Tir Asleen
Established: Fall 2003
Number of Members: 5+
Contact: Bhakdar, Gorlock
Description: Blood Valley Horde seeks to expand the influence and characterization of Izerath's Dead River Horde (Dur Demarion) into the northern lands of Eriador. Most any monsterous characters are welcome to fight with the Horde.

The Freeborn
Located: Tir Asleen
Established: Summer 2003
Founders: Ninuvin, Peter the Quick
Number of Members: 8+
Current Leader and Contact: Xipher
Description: The Freeborn are a group of friends who fight together in Tir Asleen and abroad under the banner of burgundy and white.

House Scourge (Disbanded)
Established: Summer 2003, Disbanded: Fall 2005
Founder/Leader: Jesus
Purpose: House Scourge was a group of hardcore monsters in Eriador. Much of their former membership now fight with Horde or Hellhammer.

National Units

Brotherhood of the Falcon
Located: Nan Belegorn
Appeared in Eriador: Circa 2004
Members in Eriador: 1
Local Contact: Sonus
Description: The Brotherhood are a sizable army of fighters most densely populated near Avalon and the Northlands but originating in Dur Demarion. They were the original unit that the Triad evolved from.

House Dregoth
Located: Dunharrow, Tir Asleen, Northlands, Taurendor (PA), Minnesota
Appeared in Eriador: Fall 2003
Members in Eriador: 3
Local Contacts: Calarn (Sgt. of the House), Chibi, Tyrael
Description: House Dregoth is a unit of fighters and nonfighters led by Murdock the Mad. The unit is based around a family atmosphere, with weapons, armour, and garb support available through the House. Anyone of any character can join House Dregoth. There are many subunits within the House, depending upon the fighter's preference.

House Hellhammer
Located: Illitari, Eriador, Dur Demarion, the Western frontier
Appeared in Eriador: Summer 2003.
Members in Eriador: 3
Local Contacts: Bhakdar, Kazi
Description: House Hellhammer is the black and gold House of Chaos lead by Arioch Hellhammer. They are a sizable but close knit group with dense pockets located around Wolfpack, Numenor, Dunharrow, and Wildwood.

Located: Eriador, Illitari, Dur Demarion, Highlands of Chaos, Shratopia
Appeared in Eriador circa Fall 2002.
Members in Eriador: 5+
Description: A network of monsterous personas including goblins, bugbears, ogres, and more. This group rich in characterization grew out of Dur Demarion but its influence spawns tides of monsters across the continent... And then you bleeding!

Located: Everywhere
Appeared in Eriador: Spring 2004
Members in Eriador: 5+
Local Contact: Bodhi
Description: Uruk-Hai is a tremendous army of orcs led by V'hil and commanded with a military style hierarchy.

Templar Draconis Kestavara (Relatively inactive)
Appeared in Eriador: Summer 2003, Membership retired circa Fall 2004
Description: TDK is dedicated to an honor code and seeks for its members to maintain high standards of character. The house is led by Satanaka.

If you want to be listed as an active Eriador unit on this page, contact me with the following: Location, Date established, Founder/Leader, Number of Members, Contacts, Webpage (if possible), and a short motto or description if you like.