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Instructions for Novice Foamsmiths

These directions include pictures or graphics and detailed step by step instructions to help you build your first foam-boffer weapon. Even with directions, its always advisable to build your first weapon with the guidance of an experienced foamsmith who knows how to measure, cut, glue, sew, and tape effectively. There are some example pictures that show completed weapons using the designs shown.

Construction Materials: What to use and where to find it
Construction Advice: Some tips on gluing, cutting, measuring, covering, and more. Useful for new or advanced foamsmiths. *Read this before building your first weapon!*
Graphics Key: How to identify the graphics used in these construction pages. View this first!
Blue Sword *Pic
Spear *Pic
Shield *Pic
Punch Shield *Pic
Sword cover
Shield cover
How to bend PVC *Kopesh or Kukuri Pic (bent sword)
Sword stabbing tips

Instructions for Experienced Foamsmiths

These instructions are intended for people who already know the basics of foamsmithing. They list necessary materials and provide visual references for each step. Little text is included. There are example pictures that show completed weapons using the designs shown.

Axe *Pic
Bag Head Flail *Pic
Glaive *Pic 1 *Pic 2
Javelin *Pic


Basic Tunic
Garb requirements and how to get cheap satisfactory garb

Other Weapon Building Pages

Wolfpack's construction site
Brother Nolan's Book of Maces

Construction Materials

Action Armory: Square & rectangle fiberglass rods of various lengths and diameters
Band Shoppe: Lightweight fiberglass poles for polearm cores
Edhellen Armoury: Sword kits, weapon cores, and foam fries
Gone With the Wind: Kitespar
Joann Fabrics: Fabric and High Density Open Cell Foam
Cabela's Sports: High quality carbon arrow shafts

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