The Eternal Order is a Chronicle spanning the Mid Atlantic region of the United State of America.

Warning: The following links may contain images or descriptions of a graphic or adult nature.
All images and material found within is believed to be in the public domain and is not a challenge to any copyrights.
If anyone has information to the contrary please email the storyteller.

Limited Space Available
Atlantic City
Looking for Players
The Prince is Dead
The Ghouls ~ Women only Chronicle
Dark of The Moon
The Garou Chronicles
Purple Rain
Sabbat Scout Pack
Faces of Evil
The Sabbat
The Chronicles of
Eternal Winter
Salem County
Corporate Playground

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Silver Springs
Werewolf Wild West
* On Siesta *
Eternal City
The Nexus of All Realities
AD&D Fantasy
A Post Apocalyptic Future

Ring of Darkness
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The Ring Of Dusk 
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Brujah: Suspended in Dusk 
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