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Owning... guinea pigs

Guinea pigs, or cavies, make very good pets. They are rodents, a name which comes from the Latin "rodere" meaning "to gnaw". Their incisors (chisel shaped front teeth) continue to grow throughout their lives, and chewing helps to wear them down. Once tamed, they are very friendly and enjoy lots of cuddling. Guinea pigs are social animals, so it is very important that they are kept in pairs (with both animals being the same sex).

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Handling, grooming, nails, teeth and exercise
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Mypet guineas ... Tigger and Roo


Tigger (left) and Roo, sisters, were adopted from the local RSPCA shelter in 2000. They have to be the friendlies guinea pigs I have ever met. Sadly, just after her third birthday, Tigger had to have dental surgery and did not make it through the anaesthetic. Roo, however, is still going strong. She enjoys walking in the garden, tomatoes and cuddles. Her favourite pastime is headbutting things.



g u i n e a - p i g-- l i n k s


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Choosing your guinea pigs:- breed, sex and age